Thursday, 17 January 2013

worried about Britmums live 13

Omg I'm going to britmums live 13

Britmumslive 12  was the whole reason i got involved in blogging mummy to five went last year and i saw her tweet about Britmums, and well that got me hooked.

So I got thinking about my life what's happened  had to me over the years and I was starting to suffer just a bit with PND. All though i think its more cabin fever.

I thought blogging would be a good way to get out of my system, what I had gone through a type of therapy, and yes it has. I still haven't told my whole story and don't know if I can. I went through some pretty rubbish times in my mid 20's. But the good times are hear I've got my gorgeous husband H who looks after me and my beautiful son G. I know I've got another heart operation sometime within the next 5 years and that scares me so much.

The thing with blogging is the wonderful communities surrounding blogging, like Britmums and tots 100. I know i will have outstanding support, when the time comes for my op.

Back to britmums- like I said I dreading britmums live but at the same time really looking forward to it.
finally meeting all the other mum and dads who blog putting names and faces to blogs :) but there lies the problem because I've had a stroke and so my speech is effected - people often think I'm drunk or stupid or retarded. Which isn't helped by my shyness - I'm hoping everyone is kind to me (but not patronising ) and there will be no public speaking. Other wise I will end up outside in tears.

But i'm really looking forward because its such a good opportunity to talk to other bloggers it and keep saying to myself come on Emma your a grown woman of 33 you should be able to go to london by yourself and meet with 100s of other bloggers - what is wrong with me !

But like I said im really looking forward to it :) but OMG I'm going to britmums13


  1. It'll be fine! I'm going for the first time too it will be lovely too meet you again :)

  2. You will be 1000% fine.

    There are all sorts of bloggers at Britmums. No one will think you are drunk or whatever I am sure.

    Hopefully will see you there!!!

  3. There is no public speaking involved and everyone is wonderful.

    Feel free to give me a shout if you need someone to hold your hand, and hopefully I will see you at one of my Blogs Up North events


    1. thanks hun - i am going with The Mummy Blogger ( Charlotte E ) I'm sure she will hold my hand and slap me at the appropriate times :) lol

  4. Thanks for your support ladies !

  5. I'm also going for the first time, and I'm very nervous. However I know once we get there I shall be fine :)