Tuesday, 1 January 2013

bye bye 2012 helloo 2013

I was really sad to see 2012 end , its been such a good year. Our little baby turned one. We went on lots of little family holidays. We got married in November which was just the best day of my life, we went on our first holiday abroad as H is terrified of flying. We have watched our little baby turn in to a little man and i also started to blog, which I'm really enjoying,  I really didn't want to see the year end. And what a year for GB, with the Olympics and the Queens jubilee.

                                        Oh its been such a good year,.

It's a new year - new start and how many of us have made resolutions last night ?

To me a new year is just like a new month. So I don't really bother but this year feels different and its time for a change - nothing major as im quite happy with my weight, i dont smoke or drink that much and i've already found the love of my life ,chocolate only kidding H. So i guess my only resolution is to blog more. I'm going too Britmums in June I know my little blog isnt the best but it means a lot to me.

The only big thing hopefuly happening this year is a house move but thats not really in our control.

Every new years day we go to New Brighton for a picnic in the car and a walk but today, it was so windy we didnt get very far. But we tooksome stunning photos of the sea.

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  1. Hi I love the pics on this post. The wedding one with the camper is fab! Nice to find some new blogs to read also, just read your going to Britmums, although I have been blogging for almost 2yrs now I haven't plucked up the courage to attend one of those!! LOL So well done you for being braver than I am! :)