Tuesday, 1 January 2013

PacaPod review - the most beautiful baby bag !

Oh how i love handbags. Like many I have a handbag obsession ( I have loads ) and when I had G I carried it on with my baby bags, but the cost was getting a little bit silly. At one point I had 6 on the go. With bits everywhere and so the bags had to go :(

But last Christmas H treated me to a bag I first fell in love with a month after i had G and i kept wishing saving but the money always went on somthing else But H came up trupms as he remebered how much I loved it . It was a PacaPod Coromandel in Brown leather it truly is a stunning bag and i get comments on it every where I go. And it fits me and our hectic lifestyle very well.

It keeps me very organised as inside it has 2 pods. One for a changing and one for food. As i have told you before we use real nappies in our house and they fit in the changing pod just fine:) The food pod is also a chiller bag so it keeps milk/ water cool.You can also buy replacement pods which are very reasonable at £20. This is not watertight and its leaked milk a few times on my beautiful bag- but as its leather a quick wipe and it was fine.

The bag also has a top pocket which is fab for mummy bits- and a front pouch which is ideal for phone, key fob and a pen.

You can take out the pods very easily with a simple click and the bag becomes huge- I'm  thinking gym bag swimming bag or even a laptop bag for once we don't need a baby bag any more.

One of the things I love about my Pacapod bag is the zippers - they are very long so it makes them easy for me to grab.

The Pacapod can be worn as a satchel bag across the body or it has pram clips. H loves this bag and he doesn't mind having it across his chest.

After a years heavy use, it still looks in fab condition. I was worried that the strap would wear and get dirty but it actually looks better with age. I'm looking forward to many more years with my pacapod bag.

Positives The pods keep me very organised.

The only downside to this bag is the price RRP £195 but I guess your paying for the quality so I don't mind as it's  a bag I will treasure for a long time. H is also happy because i haven't brought another bag since!

You can find the pacapod bags thought the website www.pacapod.com

The bags start at £75 - £265 and come in loads of different designs and shapes even a rucksack pacapod which i would love to try. The bags are designed by Jacqueline Waggett, Creator of PacaPod…Clothing designer and mum of two small girls, drew on her own experiences to design the unique 3-in-1system bag.
Jacqueline was disappointed with many of the baby bags on offer to new parents , a lack of different compartments meant that things were difficult to find and many of the design options were not ideal if Dad wants to take the baby out. 

A huge well done to Jacqueline for designing such stunning bags - one I'm very happy to recommend.  


  1. That bag looks the business!!
    So handy and stylish too :)

  2. Its Beautiful. Its a definitely an investment piece. :)

  3. I have a Pacapod too and I love it. Sometimes I feel like I'm a stylish mum :) x