Monday, 7 January 2013

Health visitor again !

Yep that right the health visitor has been around again today - but this time we had some good news and little G even performed on cue - he took steps in front of him , yes i said him. Our health visitor is man , how very modern.

While he was please with his walking , he's now finally censored by his non talking. Me and H have been worried by G's lack of development for 12 months. He been missing all the markers his pears are making. But the health visitors don't seem to concerned until a child's second birthday- which for little G is next month.

We now have a referral for speech therapy which is wonderful news and something i've been asking for for 6 months.   


  1. Ohh how very modern indeed..I've never heard of a male health visitor before..

    Good luck with the speech therapy...My daughter has been having it since she was about 2 and a half...She's 5 now! They are brilliant with her...

  2. My little granddaughter was 2yrs at Christmas and has only just started to put a few recognisable words together. However, we realise that she has got away with hardly any speech because her older brother, age 6yrs, has always ran to serve her every command! She has only had to point or grunt and he would know what she wanted - and do it! Little madam or what? But she is now coming on in leaps and bounds - I just wish her parents would speak more clearly!! Lol, lol.

  3. Hey Emma, was the health visitor Paul, if so he's mine too and i think he's the best health visitor I've ever had. Glad you got some speech therapy, they're a good team, really helped my friends little girl. Corinna x