Thursday, 3 January 2013

new stroller ???

We currently have our beautiful bugaboo bee. Which is just wonderful but its getting heavy- but I think its time to get a light weight stroller.

But there is so much choice out there.

1- Its got to be lightweight - lifting it in and out the car is taking its toll on my achy shoulder.

2 Strong and big- my little G isn't so little

3 Dark in colour - as little G is a muck magnate lol

4 Within Budget-  under £200

can anyone help ? give me some choices . So far iv'e got in my mind a maclaren XLR or a quinny zapp extra which are both slightly over budget.

what do I do I stick with my bugaboo bee and save money or get something lightweight and easier  ?


  1. I've got a Mclaren quest sport and its great, although not sure if its actually that much more compact or lightweight than a bee. Best off going somewhere and having a test drive of them!

  2. only wish mothercare would let you do that lol

  3. Hehe test drive it round the shop. I don't have a bee but I've heard they're really compact. Great buggy website... Reviews loads of pushchairs and gives weights, sizes etc. helped me loads when choosing a double.

  4. Have you tried Lollipop lane? I got a fab stroller from their website,it's the carnaby one & has a really fun different design. It was a bargain at £95! I'd been looking for one for a while then I seen a review for it on Pushchair Trader (below) so decided to go for it and I'm really pleased. Good Luck hope you find one soon!

  5. You have to take a look at kiddicare if you can get to one!! I went to the Lakeside one and its fab - there is even a racing lane for buggys - grab one and try it out :)

    Cosatto strollers kook very good - I'm hoping to try one out soon