Friday, 27 September 2013

We got keys !

So at last I can share some good news - we have had the house keys to our new home.

It was such a nerve wrecking day waiting for the keys.

Then a phone call , so we dashed into town to the park. The park is close to the estate agents. It felt like an eternity so we went to a local cafĂ©, and wait

Then another phone call to say we could collet the keys. As soon as we got the keys a huge rush of emotion ran through me - we had just brought a house  Home our happy ever after home and I just burst in to tears as we walked out the door

 I cant wait to get moving , but that will have to wait another week - first we have to do a spot of decorating G's room is BRIGH pink.
we have no idea what theme we are going for but I have a few ideas and cant wait to get started.

Britmums meet up in manchester

A few weeks ago  It was Manchester's turn to host the britmums meet up and it was so nice to meet up with Suzanne and Jen from britmums.

I travelled up with AKA Ruth Who I discovered lives about 4 miles from our new home - we met up at waitrose and we were off and we arrived in good time.

Social occasions are hard for me as I'm just confident in speaking - im even worse when its a big crowd of people and when its people I don't know I jus panic and go silent as im very shy and quite I find it hard to be heard in a conversation.

This has been made worse over the past 3 years been a stay at home mum is quite isolating , the fact that i only talk to 1 other adult for days on end I'm sure hasn't helped.

But I think (hope ) I'm getting more confident the more blogging events I go to. So by the time G goes to school I should be the confident chatty mum who every one will like.

Anyways this weeks britmums meet up was at the wonderful Kellogg building in Manchester - now I had no idea that Kellogg was based in Manchester but there you go - you learn something new everyday :)

When you walk in the reception area you are greeted with Tony tiger :) , and the building is stunning inside.

We were treated to tea and some Kellogg's snacks which were lovely and  then we just had a lovely chat with each other. We were given a goody bag full of special K porridge. Which I have found to be lovely. I'm not a fan of the plain oat but H is and so I'm left with the Yummy red berry and apricot and honey which are both as nice as each other.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

12 saturdays left !

Why is Christmas Advertised so Early?    
In the next week or two we will begin to see Christmas advertisements in supermarkets, on the internet and all over TV breaks, even though is four months away. Is there a reason other than trying to make as much money as possible, and if so, why does it have to be so early?  Here’s a look at some of the possible reasons for September Christmas advert.
As an example of just how early brands are doing it, Selfridges set up the Christmas section of their flagship London store a whopping 141 days before Christmas, meaning you can now get anything you need and even some things you don’t. One of those things includes a £1600, 6ft polar bear to bring a little extravagance to your living room.
Making loads of money?
The automatic assumption when we’re trying to figure out why Christmas averts appear so early is that companies do it to make more money. The trouble with this theory is that Christmas is going to happen every year, regardless of whether brands advertise now or in November, so it seems unlikely that it could make that much of a difference.
shutterstock_20849608Giving people a chance to save
If you’re luckily enough to not have to worry about how much you spend on Christmas gifts then you might not realise how tough it is for people on lower wages to deal with the big expense of the Christmas break, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to celebrate Christmas like everyone else. Having a big period of advertising gives people plenty of notice on what’s available and how much it will cost, so people can use the extra time to save up if they really want something.
Time to shop
People who work 40+ hours a week could face time constraints when it comes to going out/shopping around online for presents. Advertising Christmas gifts simply gives people more potential time windows to go and buy presents. If no one advertised till December, there could be a lot of empty spaces under the tree.
Personalised Gifts take longer
There has been a huge rise in personalised gifts available over Christmas from sites like and they obviously can’t be taken off the shelf with your desired custom elements. Ordering personalised presents will take longer to arrive at your door than usual, so a longer ad period makes this better.

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

New house dreams ....

What a few weeks its been the house move has come to a stand still.
We have gone back and forth to the solicitors and well I'm at my whits end. The best thing is there is no chain at either end. So I don't know what's going on :( Its been 8 weeks on Monday since the accepted our offer and the house was taken off the market.
Have they changed their mind and don't want to sell ?

No packing has been done and I've no intention until we have a date. I do think we will be getting someone into pack for us though as I don't think I'm up to moving boxes around.

So our dream house is just out of reach, but I cant wait to start the next chapter in our lives in a new area . Closer to friends and family.

I can't wait to get G into a playgroup and then pre school and then school ( which is a 2 minuet walk away.

But for now we are waiting.......