Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Rock up in red - 1st Feb

So with January fast coming to an end our minds turn to Valentines day, and matters of the heart.
Well for me Heart matters are not all chocolates and roses - it means British Heart foundation.

In February the BHF have a huge campaign to raise awareness of heart conditions including heart attacks, and their huge fundraising effort is under way with there "Rock up in red" day which this year is on the 1st Feb.

It easy to get your school / workplace /community group invoved just download a fundraising pack - or your really quick you can get one in the post.

With out the BHF and the wonderful research they do I and many others would not be hear today :-)


  1. I'm on the school PTA and I'm bringing this up at tomorrows meeting!! :)
    We're the same I hear the word heart and I think CHD not chocolate & flowers....Both my girls had open heart surgery to fix holes in their hearts and are now left with leaky valves which will need surgery when they are much older!! So this is a cause close to my heart! Pardon the

  2. Yay for us GUCH's x nice to know I'm not alone - good luck with the school PTA x

    I've got my playgroup taking part and H has his workplace :)