Tuesday, 23 July 2013

all grown up !

wow we have our dream house :)

Yesterday was so daunting as I signed for my first ever mortgage :) , and now I feel  like a proper grown up

Even though I'm married and have a child - its strange the things that make you feel old - I never thought I would have any of that but a mortgage wow.

I really cant wait to move in to our new house and make it into a home. We don't have a huge budget but we are going to have all new furniture, as the furniture we currently have is well a bit dilapidated and in need to go to furniture heaven.

I'm still over the moon at our news and really hope it all goes to plan.


Monday, 22 July 2013

Plum Sandpit Review

As I said in my previous post about out day out at PLUM PRODUCTS we were given a sandpit to review which was a lovely surprise.

A few weeks ago H got round to putting it up and G LOVES IT.

As you can see it comes in a tiny box with a set of clear instructions and a full set of screws.( we even had two spare) bit worrying but ho hum .

All that was needed was a screwdriver and sand :)
The wood panels come numbered so they are easy to put together.
                        From start to finish it took about 45 mins to put together and put the sand in.


Where the coloured stripes of wood are there is a hidden storage area for all the buckets spades and everything else. plum really have thought of everything - it even comes with a cover to keep the rain off and the cats out but we found it pools with water when it rains and I'm then having to spend ten minuets emptying water out , but that's part of the fun which G enjoys :)

below are some photos of G in the plum products sandpit

G wasn't to keen at first but now he loves it and we struggle getting him out of it lol
its so nice to see G enjoying sensory play, but he's still not keen on getting his hands dirty 
The RRP on this product is £59.99 and its well worth the money, G has had hours of fun out of it and it will be coming to our new home with us :)
I was given this product to review but all views words and photos are my own.  

Thursday, 11 July 2013

A letter to my 10 year old self

This post was inspired by Andy Murrys letter to his 12 year old self.

Dear Emma,

You may not realise this now on your 10th birthday what your about to go through , but you are a lot stronger than you think and YOU can get through anything.

Next month you will have  a stroke during your second heart operation. Don't be scared because you will come through the other side. You don't even know what a stoke is yet.

You will be bullied because you walk funny, because your speech will sound slurry and because your mum is soooooo embarrassing , but this as you will learn is only cus she cares so much for you.

 Your mum will become your best friend and you will only discover this when you are really really old like 25 he he.

All of your friends you have now will disappear even the ones you knew since you were 5. Its NOT YOUR FAULT.

I'm hear to tell you that it will all be ok ,

1 despite kissing lots of frogs (boys ) you will one day get married and have a beautiful baby. All of the people you know will get married before you and you will feel lonely and unloved but just wait ......

2 bullies bully because they are envious of you and your family and your life - don't forget this but don't ever say it to their face as the saying goes the truth hurts . You will encounter bullies everywhere you go . primary school , high school , college , uni ( yes I sad university you will go one day.) and even work but like I sad they are just envious .

3 YOU are very clever you have an IQ of 136 so don't ever let anyone call you stupid - just because you have dyslexia dose not mean you are stupid ( even albert Einstein had dyslexia ) and months  of missed school wont help. Enjoy your education you are very privileged to have it.

4 Be strong - and think positive - you will have to go through so much in the next 16 years. sometimes you will wonder if its really worth all the pain and you will hit some lows but it will all work out in the end.

5 Your mum and dad love you so much and this you will only discover how much when you become a mum yourself - don't ever tell them you hate them - you don't mean it.

6 - SMILE - I know you hate your goofy smile but one day you will get braces and you will have a beautiful smile . Smiling will get you everywhere in life.

That it for now as I know you will now be bored of my ramblings ,so I will leave you to enjoy our childhood (what's left of it ) x