Sunday, 30 December 2012

The best present ever ???

Well as you may or may not know our little G has been a none walker and well we had both given up ( me about 6 months ago ) and was considering what colour wheelchair to get our little G :(

On  Christmas day we had first steps we just could not believe our eyes and we both burst into floods of happy tears - and the next day he was running up and down the lounge.

Everyone kept saying oh he will do it when he is ready but what a day to do it on :)

It really was the best Christmas present ever.  

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas eve - the day i dread !

Christmas oh how I love Christmas its a time for family to gather , to eat and be merry. Which to be fair christmas day / boxing day / the week after generally are :)

But I now dreading with a passion the Christmas eve dash - the buying of the other half's cards cus he forgot, the running around ASDA trying to find cranberry sauce. Or doing a 50 mile round trip to deliver presents. 

I do try to plan ahead, I do ...... but then H always gets ill (man flu) 2 days before, it happens every year. lol 

 This year i have a plan - not to leave the house - but even the best laid plans go to pot. So I'm sure Christmas eve will be spent running around like a mad person. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cold feet ??

So Winter has definitely arrived this past few weeks with temps outside not reaching much above freezing. When its this cold we don't go out much the cold air knocks it out of my lungs and so we stay inside. I really feel the cold especially in my feet, something to do with my heart I guess.

I was asked to review Heat Holder socks and boy they didn't disappoint. I may never have to use H as my feet warmer again.

They really do do exactly what they say on the packet ! Not only do they hold in heat they don't make your feet sweat just keep you very tostie warm ( thats a stokieism as H would say )

They come in all sorts of funky colours - I have the Fuchsia/ raspberry strips and I love them.

 These are going to make wonderful stoking fillers - With an rrp  from £6 for the classic to £12 for the wellyboot ones. theses really do make the ideal Christmas gift.

I have two pairs to give away - 1 black pair and 1 pink ....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

SO its been a while

in fact its been nearly two months .......................

I had some nasty comments made on my blog by someone I know - they hid behind the anonymous - but I love technology and I know exactly who you are - and the police will be informed shortly !

Anyway rant over - its been a very busy few months planning a wedding that nearly didn't happen - G got ill ten days before he had a scan on his heart and they found he had fluid around his heart. We came so close to  not getting married and going on honeymoon.

The day itself was just perfect - we even got sun. But wedding day is for another blog post  :)

I'm now going to britmums which is a blogging even in London , I  cant wait.

Trentham Estate (Gardens)

As i mentioned before for our anniversary we went on a day out to Trentham Gardens. This place in my eyes  is one of the best places in Stoke on Trent - second only to my mum and dads home of course! It's a place that means a lot to me because me and H had one of our first dates.

Trentham gardens is a wonderful place for all the family to visit. The Italian Gardens are amongst the first things you see at Trentham as you walk into the entrance over the big bridge. 

There is so much to do to keep your little ones busy include the mile long lake and acres of woodland to explore and a huge play area to keep them busy, which is set on bark chippings within the gardens, within this area there is  a 'Hide and Speak' Maze which has kept my niece and nephew busy for many an hour. There are also huge sandpits to keep the toddles entertained. There is a cafe situated near to the park which has a large glass windows and a patio area which offer wonderful views over the lake.

This place has amazing children's facilities loads of places to eat and drink both inside and outside the gardens. Loads of changing areas and the disabled facilities are amazing but the walk around the lake is not always accessible by wheelchairs / buggys due the surface been very uneven and it gets worse if its been raining - in my eyes this could be improved with a little bit of investment. But If you get to tired at the half way point there is a cafe and a  'Miss Elizabeth' passenger boat trip back to the other end of lake.
The prices are listed below and for all that you get i think its not too bad but if you are close enough by you can get an annual pass which means you can go as many times as you like and you also get discounts of special events such as summer nights and bonfire night (we went last year, it was amazing)
Hear is a link to the Trentham admission prices is HERE. 

A family pass also makes it a little cheaper. 

The prices are linked above  and for all that you get i think its not too bad but if you are close enough by you can get an annual pass which means you can go as many times as you like and you also get discounts of special events such as summer nights and bonfire night (we went last year, it was amazing) 

Become an Annual Ticket Holder to Trentham Gardens and enjoy: