Tuesday, 29 January 2013

G's physio

It went quite well, we met a lovely lady called Jane who confirmed that G was hyper-mobile, but at the moment they don't want to do anything for now. She was pleased to see that he was walking.

He is going to been seen again in six months time :) and then asses how well his ankles have developed. Its just so nice when everything is going well. G's heart is now fine and so is his thyroid.   

BRUSH baby review

We had a teething toddler who refused to have his teeth brushed but would chew everything in sight. After a week we was getting a bit worried by the lack of cleaning teeth.

Then one day while shopping I remembered something my mum had mentioned about a chewable toothbrush she had seen on this morning - and there it was 'Brush baby' this amazing little silicone brush that  has already won lots of awards. It's designed to clean teeth and sooth gums , and our little G loves it.

We were relived to know his teeth were been cleaned without the nightmare of fighting to clean his teeth.

When I contacted 'Brush baby' to tell them what a good job it was doing they asked me to review some of there Toddler-Toothpaste.

The 'brush baby' can be used with or with out toothpaste but G loves toothpaste , so we thought we would give it a try.

Sorry for lack of photos ! will post some as soon as i find my camera lol

Friday, 25 January 2013

What a week

What a week it's been - with all the snow and coldness today is the first time in 10 days ( yes ten days ) i've set foot out of the house.

Playgroup is back on and as predicted G hated every minuet of it - oh well we will be going again next week weather he likes it or not . With all of the new skills he's picked up since we last went there you would think he would want to show them off but NO. He crawled around just like he used to - oh well - maybe next time. 

But on the positives for the week, we have had three hospital appointments through the post - yay .
Physio for his hyper-mobile joints,
Eyes at the hospital ( cant spell that one lol )
And the appointment for his thyroid problem which is on christmas eve - think we will be changing that one.....

Very soon it's my baby boys 2nd birthday which in a way saddens me cus he wont be a baby any more :(  
But more about that in my next blog.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Rock up in red - 1st Feb

So with January fast coming to an end our minds turn to Valentines day, and matters of the heart.
Well for me Heart matters are not all chocolates and roses - it means British Heart foundation.

In February the BHF have a huge campaign to raise awareness of heart conditions including heart attacks, and their huge fundraising effort is under way with there "Rock up in red" day which this year is on the 1st Feb.

It easy to get your school / workplace /community group invoved just download a fundraising pack -  http://www.rockupinred.org.uk/fundraising-pack/ or your really quick you can get one in the post.

With out the BHF and the wonderful research they do I and many others would not be hear today :-)

Thursday, 17 January 2013

worried about Britmums live 13

Omg I'm going to britmums live 13

Britmumslive 12  was the whole reason i got involved in blogging mummy to five went last year and i saw her tweet about Britmums, and well that got me hooked.

So I got thinking about my life what's happened  had to me over the years and I was starting to suffer just a bit with PND. All though i think its more cabin fever.

I thought blogging would be a good way to get out of my system, what I had gone through a type of therapy, and yes it has. I still haven't told my whole story and don't know if I can. I went through some pretty rubbish times in my mid 20's. But the good times are hear I've got my gorgeous husband H who looks after me and my beautiful son G. I know I've got another heart operation sometime within the next 5 years and that scares me so much.

The thing with blogging is the wonderful communities surrounding blogging, like Britmums and tots 100. I know i will have outstanding support, when the time comes for my op.

Back to britmums- like I said I dreading britmums live but at the same time really looking forward to it.
finally meeting all the other mum and dads who blog putting names and faces to blogs :) but there lies the problem because I've had a stroke and so my speech is effected - people often think I'm drunk or stupid or retarded. Which isn't helped by my shyness - I'm hoping everyone is kind to me (but not patronising ) and there will be no public speaking. Other wise I will end up outside in tears.

But i'm really looking forward because its such a good opportunity to talk to other bloggers it and keep saying to myself come on Emma your a grown woman of 33 you should be able to go to london by yourself and meet with 100s of other bloggers - what is wrong with me !

But like I said im really looking forward to it :) but OMG I'm going to britmums13

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New shampoo ??

I was delighted to be asked to review shampoo heads.

Like many parents we used the baby brand shampoo ( the one starting with a J ) and well,  little G is a baby no longer.  So what do you do ? do you carry on using baby shampoo or do you use adult shampoo ?
Well shampoo heads is the answer ! 
It comes in loads of different  Smells we were given the Busy Bob range which smells beautiful we were also given some hair gel which I had in fact been searching for a child friendlily styling product for G as his hair is a little long on top. 

The shampoo comes in a bottle with a pump which delivers just enough for a hair wash. This is so good as it gives George a bit of independents. As G has super thick hair, it takes us two pumps which is fine as we take it in turns. It has a no tears formula which actually works and its so easy to rinse off.

Even granddad Gordon noticed we had changed shampoo noticing the new smell :) 

The hair gel is just amazing it holds so well and again it has the most beautiful smell & with one brush its back to normal :)

We will definitely be buying more when it runs out. Shampooheads are available to buy exclusively at boots.
Please see the ShampooHeads  website for more information. 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Britmums13 plea

I have only been blogging for 6/7 months and I'm really enjoying it have made some lovely friends in the online communities.  I have been given the chance to review some wonderful products and it gives me a chance to rant lol. 

I am still a novice when it comes to blogging and so one of my goals for this year is to see my blog grow (one of my resolutions is to blog at least twice a week lol) and develop myself as a person as I'm not that confident, blogging is teaching me to be more independent and stretching my writing skills to a whole new level as I'm dyslectic.  

One way I plan to do this is by attending Britmums Live 2013.  Britmums Live is the largest social media conference and blogger event in the UK.   Britmums is the largest UK parent blogger community, made up of more than 4,200 influential bloggers.  

The purpose of Britmums Live is to allow bloggers to connect with each other, to build relationships with brands and, most importantly of all perhaps, to learn new ways of improving our skills as bloggers.  

Britmums live is a 2 day conference taking place in London on Friday 21 June and Saturday 22 June 2013.
I am very much looking forward to attending and would love to receive sponsorship for the event from a family friendly local (cheshire/northstaffs) company who would be interested in working with me.  

I Have already purchased  my ticket already(£49.99 ) and I would like help towards or sponsorship of my travel (aprox £40 ) and overnight accommodation (already booked £60)
In exchange for the sponsorship of £100 I would help promote your company at the event in the following ways:
  • I will place a badge/advert on my blog for the period of 12 months with a direct link to your website.
  • I will write a blog post introducing you as my sponsor for Britmums Live and will include all relevant information about you as a brand.
  • I will be happy to review any of your products (if relevant) on my blog.
  • I will wear branded badges to promote your company throughout the event.
  • I will mention your brand when tweeting about Britmums Live before, during and after the event.

These terms are placed by britmums

(Please note I am not able to hand out any samples or marketing materials on the premises of Britmums Live.)

And just look at those big blue eyes ! 
Little G would love to work with you . 

If you are a baby / toddler / family company and you think you could help and this sounds of anything you would be interested in , please contact me at emma30ann@yahoo.com

Monday, 7 January 2013

Health visitor again !

Yep that right the health visitor has been around again today - but this time we had some good news and little G even performed on cue - he took steps in front of him , yes i said him. Our health visitor is man , how very modern.

While he was please with his walking , he's now finally censored by his non talking. Me and H have been worried by G's lack of development for 12 months. He been missing all the markers his pears are making. But the health visitors don't seem to concerned until a child's second birthday- which for little G is next month.

We now have a referral for speech therapy which is wonderful news and something i've been asking for for 6 months.   

Thursday, 3 January 2013

new stroller ???

We currently have our beautiful bugaboo bee. Which is just wonderful but its getting heavy- but I think its time to get a light weight stroller.

But there is so much choice out there.

1- Its got to be lightweight - lifting it in and out the car is taking its toll on my achy shoulder.

2 Strong and big- my little G isn't so little

3 Dark in colour - as little G is a muck magnate lol

4 Within Budget-  under £200

can anyone help ? give me some choices . So far iv'e got in my mind a maclaren XLR or a quinny zapp extra which are both slightly over budget.

what do I do I stick with my bugaboo bee and save money or get something lightweight and easier  ?

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

PacaPod review - the most beautiful baby bag !

Oh how i love handbags. Like many I have a handbag obsession ( I have loads ) and when I had G I carried it on with my baby bags, but the cost was getting a little bit silly. At one point I had 6 on the go. With bits everywhere and so the bags had to go :(

But last Christmas H treated me to a bag I first fell in love with a month after i had G and i kept wishing saving but the money always went on somthing else But H came up trupms as he remebered how much I loved it . It was a PacaPod Coromandel in Brown leather it truly is a stunning bag and i get comments on it every where I go. And it fits me and our hectic lifestyle very well.

It keeps me very organised as inside it has 2 pods. One for a changing and one for food. As i have told you before we use real nappies in our house and they fit in the changing pod just fine:) The food pod is also a chiller bag so it keeps milk/ water cool.You can also buy replacement pods which are very reasonable at £20. This is not watertight and its leaked milk a few times on my beautiful bag- but as its leather a quick wipe and it was fine.

The bag also has a top pocket which is fab for mummy bits- and a front pouch which is ideal for phone, key fob and a pen.

You can take out the pods very easily with a simple click and the bag becomes huge- I'm  thinking gym bag swimming bag or even a laptop bag for once we don't need a baby bag any more.

One of the things I love about my Pacapod bag is the zippers - they are very long so it makes them easy for me to grab.

The Pacapod can be worn as a satchel bag across the body or it has pram clips. H loves this bag and he doesn't mind having it across his chest.

After a years heavy use, it still looks in fab condition. I was worried that the strap would wear and get dirty but it actually looks better with age. I'm looking forward to many more years with my pacapod bag.

Positives The pods keep me very organised.

The only downside to this bag is the price RRP £195 but I guess your paying for the quality so I don't mind as it's  a bag I will treasure for a long time. H is also happy because i haven't brought another bag since!

You can find the pacapod bags thought the website www.pacapod.com

The bags start at £75 - £265 and come in loads of different designs and shapes even a rucksack pacapod which i would love to try. The bags are designed by Jacqueline Waggett, Creator of PacaPod…Clothing designer and mum of two small girls, drew on her own experiences to design the unique 3-in-1system bag.
Jacqueline was disappointed with many of the baby bags on offer to new parents , a lack of different compartments meant that things were difficult to find and many of the design options were not ideal if Dad wants to take the baby out. 

A huge well done to Jacqueline for designing such stunning bags - one I'm very happy to recommend.  

bye bye 2012 helloo 2013

I was really sad to see 2012 end , its been such a good year. Our little baby turned one. We went on lots of little family holidays. We got married in November which was just the best day of my life, we went on our first holiday abroad as H is terrified of flying. We have watched our little baby turn in to a little man and i also started to blog, which I'm really enjoying,  I really didn't want to see the year end. And what a year for GB, with the Olympics and the Queens jubilee.

                                        Oh its been such a good year,.

It's a new year - new start and how many of us have made resolutions last night ?

To me a new year is just like a new month. So I don't really bother but this year feels different and its time for a change - nothing major as im quite happy with my weight, i dont smoke or drink that much and i've already found the love of my life ,chocolate only kidding H. So i guess my only resolution is to blog more. I'm going too Britmums in June I know my little blog isnt the best but it means a lot to me.

The only big thing hopefuly happening this year is a house move but thats not really in our control.

Every new years day we go to New Brighton for a picnic in the car and a walk but today, it was so windy we didnt get very far. But we tooksome stunning photos of the sea.