Monday, 28 October 2013

AT last .........

At last we have a back garden . Somewhere to relax and run barefoot across freshly cut grass on a hot sunny day -  know its cold and wet right now but im so looking forward to next summer. A back garden all to ourselves and were not overlooked at all.

They say its the little things in life which make you smile and been able to do that is one of them for me.

I grew up with a massive 80 foot by 20 foot garden at my mum and dads so when I moved in to H's place I was well slightly disappointed when I moved in to his place and there was nothing in the back apart from flags but now we've moved house we have a decent size garden and me been me I have plans !

G has 3 cousins one is 15 and will so be enrolled for baby sitting duties as we  now live much closer to her. He also has to other cousins J who is 9 and A Who is 7 A & G love playing together and I'm just so please we now live within 5 miles of A & J, its going to be a lot easier playing together for playdates and just fun times !

hear it is .....

Tots 100 asked us to think about our dream gardens and well this is it but I want some huge play centre for G and cousins to play with .
So for my dream garden we get  £750 to spend at
this is so hard cus theres so much I want for G but I want it to last and be suitable for A & J too
I would start of with something like this its a plum first climbing set
its £199
and then
a swing slide set , as a child I only had a very basic swing - think a frame with a very cheap seat - I couldn't share with friends this next item is amazing as its got everything G will ever need
Soulet Vintage Livarde Play Set- £357
which can be found at
so my total is now £556 -
every man needs a shed and this little play house is perfect for G
Perfect at £185 it would leave us with £15 to spend on some bedding plants so next the garden will be full of blooms and a very happy G
“This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition”

Sunday, 27 October 2013

What does your SMILE mean to you ?

I love to smile I smile when i'm happy and I try to
smile when I'm sad. This photo was taken on the happiest day of my life last year. I never smiled so much as I did on that day, and not just for the photos

 I'm a firm believer in a smile can change your mood in an instant.
4 and a bit years ago back in 2009 2 weeks before I met my husband I had braces put on my teeth - as ive never been happy with my smile my bottom teeth were really squished and it the fact they were so squished was causing discoloration.& my top teeth stuck out a bit.
 So I made the brave and expensive decision to get braces. It was so painful, it was close to childbirth ! I couldn't eat solid food for a month so our first few dates consisted of milkshakes and soup. Its a good job he loved me from the start lol      

Now I'm a mum I love to smile my little G makes me so happy :-)
I'm so please G has a nice smile and hopefully he wont need braces.

Now I'm a mum its extra important for me to keep my teeth and gums clean. Keeping my gums clean is extra important to me because I have had heart operations - this increases my risk of having endocarditis which is an infection of the heart. One of the causes of endocarditis is having bad gums.
So when I saw britmums were asking for reviews I jumped at the chance to test this premium gum protection tooth paste as part of oral Bs campaign. When I was pregnant I brushed my teeth after every meal to keep my teeth and gums in tip top condition as one in two women will develop gum problems during pregnancy, with my medical history there was no way I wanted to risk that so H  brought me an oral B electric toothbrush he really is so thoughtful :)

My smile means everything to me and I intend to keep it sparkling clean

“This post is an entry for BritMums’ #ORALBLoveYourGums Challenge sponsored by Oral-B, promoting healthy gums – something especially important for pregnant women. Get tips and advice on”  

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

All change

so tomorrow is my birthday and ill be the grand old age of 34 and I thought it was time for a hair cut as i'd not had one since June - I know its a long time but well we have been so busy preparing for the house move and everything else that's been going on.

My hair was looking tired and needed a colour and a cut in desperate need of some papering.

so hear it is my new hair :)
its very blond but I think I like it - what do you think ?
yes that's a dinosaur behind my head lol