Wednesday, 14 August 2013

spare 20K - yes please

if I had a spare 20k yes a whole £20,000 I would like to give at least half to charity, but I know H would completely freak out cus he would want to spend it on a car. His dream car is a Nissan z370 something to do with skylines ??? think fast and furious think rubbish jap cars -only kidding and please don't be offended my comment its a personal joke between me and H.
 So I guess as we are moving house and he's paying .  the car he wants is worth 20k at the moment so I would let him have half so i'm down to 10k :(

We are moving house in 6 weeks (ish ) and we need a whole lot o new furniture. As I've said in a previous post all of our current furniture is kaput /old and tired

So new bed £1000 I would have a king size, don't get me wrong I love snuggerling up to H but we are both tall people and the bit extra space would be amazing.
new wardrobes £700 ikea -
bedside tables £200 ikea

Sofa - we would need a 2+3 so we can have guests and seat them. plus a sofa bed for the second lounge- so that's about £3000.

some funky bar stools for our kitchen £150

A new TV panansonic is the best make in my eyes ! £679

Then comes the holiday of a lifetime - which I'm hoping will cost about £4000 .I would love love love to go and do route 66 in the USA - driving through new mexico around this time of year so I could once again see the shooting stars that show this time of year. In new mexico the air is so crisp and so clear its perfect for star spotting and I have found memories of lying on the grass at ville phimote - a scout ranch in amaerica and watching the amazing site that it is. There is no light pollution at all just an amazing site


But this is dream money and I know in my heart I will never get to see the stars so clearly :( As for the furniture in our new home it will be a long time and a lot of saving before we can afford it.

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013


So our house move is moving forward and we should hopefully be in our dream home in 6 weeks time :)

6 WEEKS OMG how on earth am I meant pack in 6 weeks we have, over the years collected so much stuff. our garage is bursting and our loft is half full. On top of that I have demanding toddler who is wanting lots of attention.

Our little G still isn't talking - well a few words , so how do we explain the new move. We don't know how much he is aware of what's going on.

We are so looking forward to our new start as this will be our first together home, as I moved in to H's place. I'm looking forward to putting my stamp on the place and getting some new furniture and crockery - is it bad that I want everything new? When we moved in together I was a (mature) student and H was a true bachelor. Most of our furniture was second hand and almost everything else was brought in from my uni flat.

I cant wait to start our new life with a whole lot of new furniture , but that will have to wait just a little it longer until we have saved just a little bit more :) as we are sensible people and don't believe in debt so no interest free finance for us. We prefer to save up the old fashioned way. I think its much better doing things this way , as I couldn't sit on a sofa or lie in a bed that didn't belong to me - us.