Tuesday, 13 August 2013


So our house move is moving forward and we should hopefully be in our dream home in 6 weeks time :)

6 WEEKS OMG how on earth am I meant pack in 6 weeks we have, over the years collected so much stuff. our garage is bursting and our loft is half full. On top of that I have demanding toddler who is wanting lots of attention.

Our little G still isn't talking - well a few words , so how do we explain the new move. We don't know how much he is aware of what's going on.

We are so looking forward to our new start as this will be our first together home, as I moved in to H's place. I'm looking forward to putting my stamp on the place and getting some new furniture and crockery - is it bad that I want everything new? When we moved in together I was a (mature) student and H was a true bachelor. Most of our furniture was second hand and almost everything else was brought in from my uni flat.

I cant wait to start our new life with a whole lot of new furniture , but that will have to wait just a little it longer until we have saved just a little bit more :) as we are sensible people and don't believe in debt so no interest free finance for us. We prefer to save up the old fashioned way. I think its much better doing things this way , as I couldn't sit on a sofa or lie in a bed that didn't belong to me - us.



  1. I've already started packing doing a box at a time when I have 5 minutes. I'm like you though wanting new bits for when we move like new crockery new laundry basket ect all the exciting stuff lol

    1. We went to ikea on Saturday - it killed me not to buy anything !

  2. Try making a picture book with everything that will be happening. Then it's not a huge shock when it does happen. Give him a box he can put stuff in and out of. Then it's not like things are going forever. Good luck on the move!

  3. Good luck, hope all goes smoothly. Why don't you make G a little book with a picture of the new house and garden and cut things out of an Argos book or something that he could stick in the book for his new bedroom?

  4. Thanks ladies I like the idea of a picture book. We may also do one of the house we are in now for his memory box.

  5. Good luck and try to keep more memories, a picture book sounds great!