Friday, 26 April 2013

bath shop 321

Our bathroom isn't to bad it was only fitted 5 years ago by my now hubby ( pre me and G ) its nicely done.

But my parents bathroom on the other hand is old early 2000's and is looking more 90's.

my mum and dads bath room is looking like ,It needs more than a lick of paint.

As you can see from the photos its dark, it has a bath that my mum and dad can no longer use and the shower hardly turns on any more.

If I was to win this amazing prize I would give it to my parents to spend on there dream bathroom as they have spent there lives looking after me.

They would need a walk in shower so I think would be a good option as the other is too modern.

321 Quadrant Shower Sorea Suite


I love these taps and shower as they would be easy to operate as mum and dad get older.

If there was any money left I would also choose some vinyl flooring.

Some new hand towels for john lewis would also go down a treat:) as my mums are always thread bear.

Buy John Lewis Spirit Stripe Towels Online at

this is my entry into the Bathshop321 bathroom suite competition 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Introducing my Britmums live 13 sponsor.

This been my first year of blogging I am eager & overjoyed about attending britmums13 and the thought of having a sponsor excited me - I wanted a small company who was already part of our family life.

I was over the moon when Helen from cheekywipes asked if she could sponsor me, as we have been using cheekywipes since G was 4 months old.

So what are cheeky wipes ? Well they are reusable baby wipes and my first thought ( which im guessing  yours is )  was YUK you reuse a baby wipe. Then we started using real nappies and were still using disposable wipes - which made using real nappies pointless to me. We have been using them for 2 years and now hate using disposables, as they can not compare to the wipe of a cheekywipe. They come in many different colours and material types one of our favourites is the microfibre wipes which anre amazing for hands and faces as they are so soft.

  Hear is a guide as to how easy they are to use.

I will be doing my full review soon of my amazing cheekywipes. H is really happy I've got a sponsor like cheekywips as it's a brand he loves too.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Back to reality

yep its back to reality after 6 weeks of ups and downs ! 

Its been so nice to spend time with G again after missing his so much and he seems to be so much happier now that I'm home. 

The laughs and giggles in the mornings when i walk in to his room , fill my heart with such happiness i want to cry - I never want to go through leaving my beautiful son for 4 weeks ever again. 

Spending a month apart from G made me realise how lucky I am. I have H who would have gone to the moon and back to fetch me moondust - if thats what I wanted and of course my beautiful G xx 
I have an amazingly supportive family who will always be there for me.

Monday, 22 April 2013

What an amazing week

H had a week of work last week which was just amazing. After spending march in hospital and H doing his MBA coursework for the past 6 months we really needed some time together , as i'd been spening weekends  at my mum and dads.

Not  a very good start to married life ay.

It was an amazing week - it started with us finally getting our wedding photos :) 6 month i know is a long time but the lady who did them is a teacher and wedding photos is her hobby. It was quite emotional looking at our day again.

Then the health visitor came around and that was ok He seemed pleased with G running around.

We went to the cinema in the daytime while we left G at my mum and dads. We went to Chester zoo , Cheshire oaks and my favourite place in Staffordshire Trentham  Gardens / estate. Poor H had to go into work on a course for two days so me and G had a rest at my mum and dads

Its been an Amazing week and i got tear's in my eyes last night as i didn't want it to end ........ so until H's next week off its back to reality - been on my own with G 7am- 7pm

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Things, stuff , wants and needs.

I'm not a materialistic person, I never really have been. I've been quite happy with just been alive, ever since I was young.

But since having G, things change. I've found myself wanting stuff for G which I know is not going to make him or me any happier its just to fit in with everyone else.

As for things for me, I've said it before I'm a bit handbag obsessed and i keep trying to justify one more handbag. Its not like I'm into designer handbags but I do have a thing for leather handbags ahhhhh , the feel and smell of a new leather handbag....

I see my handbags as a treat but there are so many more things we need at the moment :( a new camera as the Sony one we brought - just before our honeymoon stopped working :( we are both really disappointed as it was a fab little camera - and my laptop is about to die so it looks like were going to have an expensive few months ahead as i need a laptop and camera for Britmums. We are also trying to sell our house at the moment, and we all know how expensive that can be.

So it looks like all treats are on hold at the moment.  

Friday, 5 April 2013

my bugaboo bee

Well what can I say about the bugaboo bee ......

We really struggled to find a pushchair and it took us a while, but we went for the bugaboo bee + as it was known then. I really wanted a bugaboo chameleon but H was right in saying NO to me- I'll explain why in a bit.

Our list of wants for our pushchair was just but 1 it had to be lightweight. The bugaboo bee was just that, not only light but easy to manoeuvre, stylish and a heck of a lot cheaper than a chameleon . The bee is also parent facing which I absolutely love. But when your baby gets bigger you can change it to out facing very easily.

As me and H are quite tall - I'm 5'9 and H is 6'2'' so we were so pleased that its easy to change the hight of the handle. Which with two flips of the white leavers and a pull its done.

It folds quite flat which isn't a necessity for us as we have a big car ( A Renault scenic ) but i beleive it will fit in a fiat 500.

It comes with a rain cover and that's about it. everything else you have to pay for making it all a bit pricey. But you do get what you pay for.

The rain cover is easy to use - when its in the full recline position but a bit more difficult when its in upright without the hood been fully open which means G cant see.

From birth you can use a cocoon  - which keeps baby all snuggled up.

Then as baby gets bigger there is two options a cosy toes we went for a black one as its easy to keep clean.
Then for summer there is the liner option - we went for a beautiful blue colour. These are a bit of a mare to change around come summer / winter but it gets easier the more we do it.

This really is a beautiful pushchair that is sure to last for years- G is now two and he still looks comfy in it.

The bugaboo bee is deffo  a city pram as its not very usable on more difficult terrain.IF your planning on going out of the city I  would recommend the new Buffalo which i would love to try. The bee is easy to clean and comes apart really easy.

What a month march was !

I'm back after a month in hospital, Yes a said a month a full 28 days , which feels like a lifetime. I feel like I've missed out on so much.

 I missed mothers day and G couldn't see me because I had food poisoning - which was from a hospital cooked meal - and what made it even worse I was 80 miles away from home in Birmingham.

I was in Birmingham Queen Elizabeth for two long weeks and then I had a transfer up to north staffs university hospital. You would think as both hospitals are new (well new as in finished within the past two years ) that they would have the same standards. BUT boy what a difference 50 miles makes.

In the QE you would have a care chart with an hourly tick box - and they would come every hour to make sure you had a jug of water and a cup, to make sure you  had a cuppa within the past hour (the tea and coffee was service was amazing), making sure that you weren't in any pain - just amazing care standards!

In North Staffs it was a different story - when I arrived I had to wait 5 hours for a jug of water and a cup, even then I had to ask. A cuppa tea was few and far between and as for asking if I was in pain once a day.
Now I know I'm a youngish woman with all my faculties in tact but can you imagine if I was old and had dementia. Well I know which hospital I would rather be in !

Not that I'm having a go at said hospital but in this day an age after the scandal over care at Stafford hospital there should be the same standard of care no matter where you are.