Friday, 26 April 2013

bath shop 321

Our bathroom isn't to bad it was only fitted 5 years ago by my now hubby ( pre me and G ) its nicely done.

But my parents bathroom on the other hand is old early 2000's and is looking more 90's.

my mum and dads bath room is looking like ,It needs more than a lick of paint.

As you can see from the photos its dark, it has a bath that my mum and dad can no longer use and the shower hardly turns on any more.

If I was to win this amazing prize I would give it to my parents to spend on there dream bathroom as they have spent there lives looking after me.

They would need a walk in shower so I think would be a good option as the other is too modern.

321 Quadrant Shower Sorea Suite


I love these taps and shower as they would be easy to operate as mum and dad get older.

If there was any money left I would also choose some vinyl flooring.

Some new hand towels for john lewis would also go down a treat:) as my mums are always thread bear.

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this is my entry into the Bathshop321 bathroom suite competition 

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