Friday, 5 April 2013

What a month march was !

I'm back after a month in hospital, Yes a said a month a full 28 days , which feels like a lifetime. I feel like I've missed out on so much.

 I missed mothers day and G couldn't see me because I had food poisoning - which was from a hospital cooked meal - and what made it even worse I was 80 miles away from home in Birmingham.

I was in Birmingham Queen Elizabeth for two long weeks and then I had a transfer up to north staffs university hospital. You would think as both hospitals are new (well new as in finished within the past two years ) that they would have the same standards. BUT boy what a difference 50 miles makes.

In the QE you would have a care chart with an hourly tick box - and they would come every hour to make sure you had a jug of water and a cup, to make sure you  had a cuppa within the past hour (the tea and coffee was service was amazing), making sure that you weren't in any pain - just amazing care standards!

In North Staffs it was a different story - when I arrived I had to wait 5 hours for a jug of water and a cup, even then I had to ask. A cuppa tea was few and far between and as for asking if I was in pain once a day.
Now I know I'm a youngish woman with all my faculties in tact but can you imagine if I was old and had dementia. Well I know which hospital I would rather be in !

Not that I'm having a go at said hospital but in this day an age after the scandal over care at Stafford hospital there should be the same standard of care no matter where you are.   

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