Sunday, 14 October 2012

4 weeks and counting

So four weeks yesterday until our big day where has the time gone ?

My bridesmaid has finally got her arse in gear and is asking questions about the big day.

It's my hen do next weekend and its a spa day at Alton towers and then a meal out. I'm really looking forward to my hen do but really disappointed that some people are not coming.

As for the big day - everything is coming along just nicely and now we just have to pay for it all. I'm not stressed yet and have got no big worries apart from the public speaking at the service it self -- eeekkkk

And as for the nasty comment which i have just deleted - Its there loss at the end of the day....

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Blog sale CENTRAL Cheshire

so I've got a few things to sell - well if you ask H we have a whole house full - so I thought I'd make a start before we move house ( hopefully next year ) and raise some money for last minuet wedding bits !

1. i have £350 of huggies gift vouchers im selling for £200

2 - a brand new in the box obaby condor 4s buggy with carry cot it has a black frame and is black in colour.  The RRP is £399 i would like £175

3 - I also have a Reebok I cross trainer for sale as I can no longer use it - I used it twice while I was at uni and its sat in the garage ever since - I would like £ 100 for this. I cant get any photos as its in the box in the garage .

4 - A fisher price baby swing £20

5 - A fisher price rain forest play gym £ 20 - sold

As the items are so big collection only I'm afraid- from Winsford Cheshire

That's it for now - but I've also got bags of boys baby clothes i need to sort and go through.

Autumn fun

This is just the best photo of G ever - it was taken last autumn on 10/11/11 it was a year to go until our wedding which is now just a few weeks away 10/11/12. That was the reason for our visit to the park - we wanted to see if it would look ok for wedding photos :)

It was G's first time on a swing and as you can tell from the HUGE grin on his face he loved it. We really hope in our next house we can have a garden , so that we can have a swing for G.

We have this photo on a canvas hung up in our hallway - we love it so much.

This blog post has been written as an entry into the Tots100 competition in association with Boots Mother and baby.

This blog post has been written as an entry into the Tots100 competition in association with Boots Mother and Baby

Monday, 8 October 2012

feeling very isolated and sad

So as I sit hear typing I'm in floods of tears ... I'm starting to feel embarrassed and ashamed of my beautiful boy.

He's still not walking or talking and no one seems to give a shit about him.....apart from me and H. I've tried the health visitor and he thought I was depressed cus i was upset about his non walking.

Been to the GP and oooo just give it time ............well how long before they do start to give a shit about him 4-5-6. Will he be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life ?? and if one more person says ... well my brat was or 18 months until he was walking im going to explode in a rage of anger.

im sorry but at 20 months and still not walking something is just not right :(

Friday, 5 October 2012

wedding help

Ok my lovely blog followers - I need your help with wedding gifts ideas.

No not for us lol but for our bridesmaids best man , flower girls and parents ect

We have a 32 year old bridesmaid , a 14 year old an 8 year old, 5 year old page boy best man , and two ushers and we have no idea what to get them.

Our budget is about £20 per person any ideas ???

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Me lucky ? part two !

So I was 10 and just had a stroke, not your normal kinda thing hey ..... my poor mum and dad. Well after fighting to get me back into some kind of education ( I was home schooled for a while ) my mum managed to get me back in to primary school and that's where I met my first bully.

Now don't get me wrong I can see why my mum wanted to get me back to school - I must have drove her crazy. But the bullying got out of control and well I just didn't want to go.

And then there was high school - now looking back I really wished my mum would have let me go to a special school. Even the teachers bullied me with there nasty little comments and the PE teacher was a right B1TCH. she made my life hell for 2 hours every week for 5 years, knowing full well I had heart problems she had me doing all sorts.

As for boyfriends no chance I was the tall freak who talked funny. Teenage boys can be nasty but wow teenage girls are bitchy and nasty I think I could count my friends on one hand through the whole of high school. Then there were  the friends who weren't really my friends - you know the kind who use you because your mums an Avon lady but then you never get invited to there party.

I felt so held back - since leaving school , I've discovered I'm dyslexic and I have an IQ of 136. I left school with a handful of rubbish GCSE's and well I went to uni 5 years ago as a mature student and did very well :)
I would love to go back to my old school and say look at what I've achieved.

And after school I had a handful of rubbish jobs on very low pay :(
To put it simply my teenage years were hell

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

such a good day

Today was my birthday and its been a good one :-)

Another year older and my last one with my surname - feels very weird and a little bit sad, I've even got to start to think about changing my signature. Its going to be a lot of change all for the better I know, but still a little sad to loosing my name. It's been with me since birth and it's going to be really odd ( I wonder how many times I will say the wrong name when I order stuff or filling in forms )