Friday, 5 October 2012

wedding help

Ok my lovely blog followers - I need your help with wedding gifts ideas.

No not for us lol but for our bridesmaids best man , flower girls and parents ect

We have a 32 year old bridesmaid , a 14 year old an 8 year old, 5 year old page boy best man , and two ushers and we have no idea what to get them.

Our budget is about £20 per person any ideas ???


  1. for the men how about cufflinks, places like next usually do packs with groom, best man, usher etc... they can wear them on the day and are a nice keepsake too. For the bridesmade (and maybe your mum or mil) what about spa vouchers? if you look on wahanda / / groupon you can get a decent spa day for £20ish and you could all go together as a post wedding catch up? the 14 how about a nice keepsake like an engraved compact mirror? i'm scraping the barrel now but for the younger children maybe a teddy with a personalised t shirt (you can get them from most photo places) you could have their name, bridesmaid / page boy and the date?