Friday, 24 August 2012

My pocket buddy review

I was delighted to be asked to do a review on "my pocket buddy" spray pen. 
I've got a thing about germs - they freak me out big time. I have had endocarditis twice now -its a not nice infection of the heart which i'm very prone too as I've had valve operations.

So keeping my hands clean is very important to me, my pocket buddy comes in a pen size tube which fits on your pocket, lunch box, baby bag . 

There is no nasty smell to it and no residue. Its alcohol free so it doesn't strip your hands of its oils. I have eczema on my hands so I have to be careful of the products I use and I've had  no reaction which is a Bonus :)   

Yes there are lots of other hand sanitizers out there but they can not boast the following .....

Alcohol free 

Allergen free 
Contains Aloe Vera  
Its made from 100% natural ingredients
It dries super fast with out leaving a sticky residue 
Solvent free, non-toxic and non-flammable
The pen its self is made from recycled material and can be recycled its self 
No chemical nasties 

It comes in 3 different sizes - 

8ml spray pen perfect for kids lunch box or school bag 

50ml foamer for adults 
and a 500ml perfect for the office or home 

The spray pen and foamer are available from my pocket buddy

We love "My Pocket Buddy"spray pen  and will definitely be ordering more from MY POCKET BUDDY 

 the price is amazing the 8 ml is only £0.96 + p&p 

Thanks for reading my "my pocket buddy" review 

Emma x 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

NCT catch up

Today was our nct catch up - I never would have thought this time 21 months ago that we would all be such good friends. Even the men lol

All of our babies were due a month apart , I was due last at the start of March but i had G first - i was induced at 36 weeks. Then the other 3 came all within a week. 
At first we met each week which was difficult for me as we lived so far away (long story ) But as the others started going back to work we met less and less and now it's every 6 months :( . Its lovely to see how all the babies (now toddlers ) are growing and changing.
I was saddened to see G sat on the floor while the others ran circles around him , But his time will come.

I'm the only stay at home mummy amongst my Nct girlie's and while i know I'm very lucky to be one I'm slightly envious of them - the time they have to them selves and the money they have. But I'm sure they are envious of me and all the time i spend with G.

Cant wait for our next catch up which will be our wedding !!! 3 months to go yay

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Good news on G

G my little monkey has had me really worried - his non walking has been driving me round the bend.
with months of  "oh he's not walking yet " well i was in tears almost every night. Our health visitor has been almost useless telling us its normal - what normal about an 18month old not walking ? how many do you know - my answer 0. All the babies and toddles I know were walking at 12 - 13 OK maybe 14 months.

I've been at my whit's end trying to encourage him but  finally  we have discovered why-  its the hard laminate flooring in the lounge/ diner ! He has always been so cautious

We had a baby walker for Christmas and he used it once fell over  and has remained untouched ever since in the lounge. Anyway I hid it upstairs as the health visitor was coming round, and tonight he grabbed it and literally ran across the landing ( which has nice lush soft carpet )

So at last we have a little walker ( nearly not quite ) but its a start and its  such a weight of our shoulders !

Sunday, 5 August 2012


i now have a facebook page !

hopefully i will be getting lots of new followers xx
hint hint

Friday, 3 August 2012

3 months and counting

Only 3 moths to go until our big day and we think we may just make it - we are refusing to go in debt for our big day as I know so many couples who are still paying for there wedding day 6 years later ! And i know others who earn double than we do and had a very no frills wedding.

So we have been saving very hard and yes it is hard we only have one wage coming in  - I wish I could work but even if I did the majority of what I would earn would be taken up by childcare costs and we would only be £50 better off. I quite like been a stay at home mummy but the guilt eats me up sometimes - when H comes home from work super stressed :( But even if I did work, my quality of life would be minimal because I would be so tiered.

Any way rant about money over

The shoes are now brought (and they fit) &  invites on the way so one less thing to worry about. H broke a table decoration at the week and we cant find any more in-store or on-line good job i got one spare - he cant brake another or we are in big trouble.

I have my playduvet for the children's corner - its stunning and the quality is amazing. I'll do a review on that soon. All we need now is some nice toys to go with it.

Cant believe our big day is nearly hear - I guess we girls all have a dream of the big dress and church wedding. I really did think that it wouldn't happen for me - with all my problems I never thought I would find my love.
I'm so lucky to have H , he is my best friend sole mate lover and the the best thing that has ever happened to me. I cant wait to be married to H xx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

mummumheart one month old today !

Well  my little blog has been going for a month and I've had just over 850 views. Not bad, but I think I need to widen my net and get a Facebook page and organise a little competition ! Will keep you all informed x