Thursday, 9 August 2012

Good news on G

G my little monkey has had me really worried - his non walking has been driving me round the bend.
with months of  "oh he's not walking yet " well i was in tears almost every night. Our health visitor has been almost useless telling us its normal - what normal about an 18month old not walking ? how many do you know - my answer 0. All the babies and toddles I know were walking at 12 - 13 OK maybe 14 months.

I've been at my whit's end trying to encourage him but  finally  we have discovered why-  its the hard laminate flooring in the lounge/ diner ! He has always been so cautious

We had a baby walker for Christmas and he used it once fell over  and has remained untouched ever since in the lounge. Anyway I hid it upstairs as the health visitor was coming round, and tonight he grabbed it and literally ran across the landing ( which has nice lush soft carpet )

So at last we have a little walker ( nearly not quite ) but its a start and its  such a weight of our shoulders !


  1. Well done G. My middle boy didn't walk until he was 17 months but he was always a little chatterbox. My oldest was walking at 12 months but he didn't say a word until he was gone 2 years old. They get there in the end x

  2. That's great news. My friend's daughter only just started walking recently at 18months and my friend wasn't even slightly worried. I know others who walked at 17 months. So, yes, it is normal, just the late side of normal! Glad you are feeling happier now.

  3. thanks i was in bits thinking all sorts of things !

  4. Well done little man! My niece was a late walker and my user realised that their hard floor had been a disincentive too. My LO is 12 months and hasn't said any words yet...can't stop worrying about that.

  5. hey Emma, we have laminate floor too, and we use those alphabet floor mats - I think you can buy them in Home and Bargains for about £5 a couple of packs of those across the floor and it helps with a soft landing rather than on the laminate. Hope you're ok Love Corinna xxxx