Sunday, 12 August 2012

NCT catch up

Today was our nct catch up - I never would have thought this time 21 months ago that we would all be such good friends. Even the men lol

All of our babies were due a month apart , I was due last at the start of March but i had G first - i was induced at 36 weeks. Then the other 3 came all within a week. 
At first we met each week which was difficult for me as we lived so far away (long story ) But as the others started going back to work we met less and less and now it's every 6 months :( . Its lovely to see how all the babies (now toddlers ) are growing and changing.
I was saddened to see G sat on the floor while the others ran circles around him , But his time will come.

I'm the only stay at home mummy amongst my Nct girlie's and while i know I'm very lucky to be one I'm slightly envious of them - the time they have to them selves and the money they have. But I'm sure they are envious of me and all the time i spend with G.

Cant wait for our next catch up which will be our wedding !!! 3 months to go yay

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