Friday, 24 August 2012

My pocket buddy review

I was delighted to be asked to do a review on "my pocket buddy" spray pen. 
I've got a thing about germs - they freak me out big time. I have had endocarditis twice now -its a not nice infection of the heart which i'm very prone too as I've had valve operations.

So keeping my hands clean is very important to me, my pocket buddy comes in a pen size tube which fits on your pocket, lunch box, baby bag . 

There is no nasty smell to it and no residue. Its alcohol free so it doesn't strip your hands of its oils. I have eczema on my hands so I have to be careful of the products I use and I've had  no reaction which is a Bonus :)   

Yes there are lots of other hand sanitizers out there but they can not boast the following .....

Alcohol free 

Allergen free 
Contains Aloe Vera  
Its made from 100% natural ingredients
It dries super fast with out leaving a sticky residue 
Solvent free, non-toxic and non-flammable
The pen its self is made from recycled material and can be recycled its self 
No chemical nasties 

It comes in 3 different sizes - 

8ml spray pen perfect for kids lunch box or school bag 

50ml foamer for adults 
and a 500ml perfect for the office or home 

The spray pen and foamer are available from my pocket buddy

We love "My Pocket Buddy"spray pen  and will definitely be ordering more from MY POCKET BUDDY 

 the price is amazing the 8 ml is only £0.96 + p&p 

Thanks for reading my "my pocket buddy" review 

Emma x 


  1. Ooooh, I NEED one of these! (Obsessive compulsive germ dodger that I am). Great review - will keep my eye out for them.

    Lisa @

  2. We have sold a few at Coombemill too, they are perfect for little hands on the farm