Friday, 3 August 2012

3 months and counting

Only 3 moths to go until our big day and we think we may just make it - we are refusing to go in debt for our big day as I know so many couples who are still paying for there wedding day 6 years later ! And i know others who earn double than we do and had a very no frills wedding.

So we have been saving very hard and yes it is hard we only have one wage coming in  - I wish I could work but even if I did the majority of what I would earn would be taken up by childcare costs and we would only be £50 better off. I quite like been a stay at home mummy but the guilt eats me up sometimes - when H comes home from work super stressed :( But even if I did work, my quality of life would be minimal because I would be so tiered.

Any way rant about money over

The shoes are now brought (and they fit) &  invites on the way so one less thing to worry about. H broke a table decoration at the week and we cant find any more in-store or on-line good job i got one spare - he cant brake another or we are in big trouble.

I have my playduvet for the children's corner - its stunning and the quality is amazing. I'll do a review on that soon. All we need now is some nice toys to go with it.

Cant believe our big day is nearly hear - I guess we girls all have a dream of the big dress and church wedding. I really did think that it wouldn't happen for me - with all my problems I never thought I would find my love.
I'm so lucky to have H , he is my best friend sole mate lover and the the best thing that has ever happened to me. I cant wait to be married to H xx


  1. You both look so happy there! Well done for doing without debt, it is each other that matters not all the frills on the day!

  2. Eek! Exciting!!
    We got married in secret with just 2 witnesses lol.
    I'll blog about it one day...! Xx

  3. Thanks Coombe mill that photo was taken ages ago (dec09 ) we don't take piccys of us anymore !

    Wow mother geek your so brave we were tempted when we found out we we're pregnant !