Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Me lucky ? part two !

So I was 10 and just had a stroke, not your normal kinda thing hey ..... my poor mum and dad. Well after fighting to get me back into some kind of education ( I was home schooled for a while ) my mum managed to get me back in to primary school and that's where I met my first bully.

Now don't get me wrong I can see why my mum wanted to get me back to school - I must have drove her crazy. But the bullying got out of control and well I just didn't want to go.

And then there was high school - now looking back I really wished my mum would have let me go to a special school. Even the teachers bullied me with there nasty little comments and the PE teacher was a right B1TCH. she made my life hell for 2 hours every week for 5 years, knowing full well I had heart problems she had me doing all sorts.

As for boyfriends no chance I was the tall freak who talked funny. Teenage boys can be nasty but wow teenage girls are bitchy and nasty I think I could count my friends on one hand through the whole of high school. Then there were  the friends who weren't really my friends - you know the kind who use you because your mums an Avon lady but then you never get invited to there party.

I felt so held back - since leaving school , I've discovered I'm dyslexic and I have an IQ of 136. I left school with a handful of rubbish GCSE's and well I went to uni 5 years ago as a mature student and did very well :)
I would love to go back to my old school and say look at what I've achieved.

And after school I had a handful of rubbish jobs on very low pay :(
To put it simply my teenage years were hell

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