Monday, 8 October 2012

feeling very isolated and sad

So as I sit hear typing I'm in floods of tears ... I'm starting to feel embarrassed and ashamed of my beautiful boy.

He's still not walking or talking and no one seems to give a shit about him.....apart from me and H. I've tried the health visitor and he thought I was depressed cus i was upset about his non walking.

Been to the GP and oooo just give it time ............well how long before they do start to give a shit about him 4-5-6. Will he be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life ?? and if one more person says ... well my brat was or 18 months until he was walking im going to explode in a rage of anger.

im sorry but at 20 months and still not walking something is just not right :(


  1. Sam isn't quite as old, but he's 16m & still not walking or talking. I was frustrated too but now I am turning my attention to developing him in other ways. Last night, we got out the duplo blocks and he was playing with a brown one. I asked him to find another brown one, and he did.

    This reassured me that even though he isn't talking yet, he is learning, and developing. Maybe try focusing on the stuff he is good at for a while? They say the cleverest people usually develop their physical skills later than "normal"

  2. oh sweetie, i'm so sorry to read this, it's so hard at that age when all the professionals just seem to say 'wait and see'. I know it's not what you want to hear but I'm sure he will progress in his own time, do you go to many play groups? does he try to copy others? Ben was developmentally delayed and a lot of the progress he made was just copying other children, despite all the time i spent trying to encourage speech through games and songs. Has his hearing been tested? if not i would maybe push for this? If you ever need to talk just give me a shout xx

  3. Yes we go playgroup twice a week and for most of the time he's sat in the corner crying or playing by himself - u
    I now hate going Cus I feel so imbarrssed by his none walking :(

  4. Emma, please don't feel so isolated. Have you tried to hook up with online forums of mums in the same situation. I can understand that it's not more consolation when others say don't worry but they are wanting to let you know that it isn't as unusual as you may think. Focus on the positive things G is doing and develop those where possible. Hugs x

  5. Is he crawling, though? And can or will stand? That does get annoying, but if you think something is wrong you have to take a stand. Keep seeking out Dr.s until you find one that will listen. But don't worry about what everyone else is thinking, which I know is hard to do. Everyone will get their own "worries" at some point in their life.

    I had 2 friends who both had late, just had no interest. He was perfectly content to sit and watch all the kids at the playground. Eventually, he decided it was time and started walking. Now that it has been 4 years, you can see he is one very observant and smart child. The other, they discovered had really loose ligaments/joints. So she was not comfortable walking since her joints were so wobbly. They had to do some physical therapy and wait until her joints/ligaments matured and stiffened a little.

    Chin up and sometimes you just have to be that cranky Mama Bear!

  6. thanks for your support ladies it means a lot :)
    G is due to see the HV again next week, last time we saw him he was convinced G would be running round the lounge....

    Yes he crawls ,cruises around the room just wont let go - he has always been super cautious and delayed in progression compared to his pears