Friday, 5 April 2013

my bugaboo bee

Well what can I say about the bugaboo bee ......

We really struggled to find a pushchair and it took us a while, but we went for the bugaboo bee + as it was known then. I really wanted a bugaboo chameleon but H was right in saying NO to me- I'll explain why in a bit.

Our list of wants for our pushchair was just but 1 it had to be lightweight. The bugaboo bee was just that, not only light but easy to manoeuvre, stylish and a heck of a lot cheaper than a chameleon . The bee is also parent facing which I absolutely love. But when your baby gets bigger you can change it to out facing very easily.

As me and H are quite tall - I'm 5'9 and H is 6'2'' so we were so pleased that its easy to change the hight of the handle. Which with two flips of the white leavers and a pull its done.

It folds quite flat which isn't a necessity for us as we have a big car ( A Renault scenic ) but i beleive it will fit in a fiat 500.

It comes with a rain cover and that's about it. everything else you have to pay for making it all a bit pricey. But you do get what you pay for.

The rain cover is easy to use - when its in the full recline position but a bit more difficult when its in upright without the hood been fully open which means G cant see.

From birth you can use a cocoon  - which keeps baby all snuggled up.

Then as baby gets bigger there is two options a cosy toes we went for a black one as its easy to keep clean.
Then for summer there is the liner option - we went for a beautiful blue colour. These are a bit of a mare to change around come summer / winter but it gets easier the more we do it.

This really is a beautiful pushchair that is sure to last for years- G is now two and he still looks comfy in it.

The bugaboo bee is deffo  a city pram as its not very usable on more difficult terrain.IF your planning on going out of the city I  would recommend the new Buffalo which i would love to try. The bee is easy to clean and comes apart really easy.

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