Monday, 4 March 2013

royal mail = waste of time

So today I've been let down twice by the lovely royal mail .

First off this morning on my Twitter feed i see that royal mail are almost doubling the price to send a small package. This annoys me because I wanted to start to sell Gs old clothes and toys - But now there's no chance of anyone doing this any more. So thanks a bunch!

Then and this has really annoyed me a while ago our post started going missing - the occasional letter - then a prize or two went missing but today royal mail you have really pissed me off. 

1 first off "my" parcel arrived looking like it had been dragged though a hedge backwards - despite saying on the Huge label (see part 2 ) saying please handle with care. 

2 the HUGE Label which was almost hanging off. Underneath was another address. (see 4 )

3 the content of the parcel was all wrong It should have been a selection of clothing sent by Sainburys for me to review on my blog. 

4 inside the parcel was a winter coat and a return invoice - from some poor woman in London to a clothing company in Wigan.

Shame on you royal mail shame on you.  


  1. I think it is terrible they charge more and more for us to send parcels yet the service never improves!!!!

  2. I sold a few items on eBay recently and used 'myHermes', a cheaper parcel service than Royal Mail, and the parcel is collected from your door and delivered by courier to the recipient.
    Simply weigh your parcel (but don't wrap it completely as you will need to enclose an invoice), fill in, online, your address and the recipients address, then you can pay online and print out the labels. No need to leave your home.

  3. I know what you mean about missing letters we have had a few gone missing, mostly hospital letters funny that.

  4. So where is your parcel? Eek not good.