Monday, 4 March 2013

Supermum (me ? )

I'm a stay at home mum too my beautiful Boy G and he loves me loads - I'm his 'super mum' and that's all that matters to me.

I've had my fair share of bad luck ( 6 heart operations and 2 strokes ) But I also have some good luck I met H we had G and we were lucky enough to get married last year.

I cant work due to my ill health which has its good points and bad points. Good points - I get to spend every day with G, and the bad money is tight so we miss out on lots of things like days out but we get by and to be honest I quite enjoy been a stay at home mummy - it really is the best job in the world .

My mum on the other had is a super mum she has three children - me my brother and sister, and four grandchildren my brothers two and my sisters one.

MY mum and G enjoying a walk 
All of my mums grandchildren 

She has brought us all up to be kind and good people - my brother is a police officer and my sister is a nurse- i wanted to be a physiotherapist or work in cadio rehab but my uni degree is on hold at the moment. I think what your children do says a lot about you so my mum should be in for the title of ‘Buyagift Super Mum’.

My mum has been at my side though all of my operations - helping me and caring for me - she truly is an amazing lady.

This is a competition entry for supermum mothers day comp :)

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