Tuesday, 26 February 2013

holiday holiday holiday

With Christmas, new year, valentines day well and truly out the way ( and H's course work ) its time to plan our summer holidays.

But with our house up for sale every things all up in the air at the moment , a holiday aboard is out of the question or at least we think it is . We were thinking about hiring a cottage (in my dreams ) or a more  likely option is a caravan but then its where to go ?

We love Cornwall but by the time we have taken into account fuel costs and the caravan / holiday home we may as well go abroad.

So its looks like we are going to North Wales, we went to Wales last summer for a short break which was amazing its a holiday we won See post :) 

Or if we wait and wait until the house sells we go nowhere :(


  1. That makes two of us heading to beautiful Wales :) where ever you are it will be fabulous xx

  2. You have to come to Snowdonia again, there's no better place..... but then we are biased!!!! ;-)