Monday, 18 February 2013

The pain with Pain !

On Friday, after H cooked an amazing tea and we had had a play down stairs,H took G upstairs while I went to fetch G's milk just like I always do. I ran upstairs laughing and joking with G , got to the top and then BAM crushing chest pains struck. Chest pains like I've never had, couldn't breath and I could only just make it to our bed - 5 feet away.

This scared me and H and thank goodness G didn't see me, I never want G to see me in pain.

Then today as we got back to the car I nearly passed out. Now I'm getting a little worried and thinking i may have to call cardiologist to book in or do i leave it and see how I get on ?

H is always saying how stubborn I am I guess I've really asked for help. 

My illness in the past has only ever got me out of breath or given me mild(ish ) chest pains. I guess I'm too scared to seek help.

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