Monday, 18 February 2013

super clothing from supermarkets ?

I think so !

We love TU by sainsburys - we love the quality and the bright colours especially for G.

I have again spent a fortune in sainsburys.

G seems to suit browns and oranges so we love the lion top.

hear is the link to browse the tu-clothing range. 

Of course Tu clothing is not just for kids they also do a stunning ladies range working with GOKwan - who in my eyes is a legend and boy he can give me a make over any day .
I really need it lol Jeans and primark tops are not the best look :(


  1. I love TU for clothes for the boys, some of my favourite things they wear come from there!

    In comparison Tesco is piss poor in their range of items for boys, which is a shame as with twins I spend a small fortune on clothing them.

  2. I know the quality is just amazing as it seems to last for ages. There is not much choice for boys in any store but we love the colours in TU.

  3. I love the brown T-shirt! I never think of looking in Sainsbury's for the boys although we do have one local x