Tuesday, 29 January 2013

BRUSH baby review

We had a teething toddler who refused to have his teeth brushed but would chew everything in sight. After a week we was getting a bit worried by the lack of cleaning teeth.

Then one day while shopping I remembered something my mum had mentioned about a chewable toothbrush she had seen on this morning - and there it was 'Brush baby' this amazing little silicone brush that  has already won lots of awards. It's designed to clean teeth and sooth gums , and our little G loves it.

We were relived to know his teeth were been cleaned without the nightmare of fighting to clean his teeth.

When I contacted 'Brush baby' to tell them what a good job it was doing they asked me to review some of there Toddler-Toothpaste.

The 'brush baby' can be used with or with out toothpaste but G loves toothpaste , so we thought we would give it a try.

Sorry for lack of photos ! will post some as soon as i find my camera lol

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