Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New shampoo ??

I was delighted to be asked to review shampoo heads.

Like many parents we used the baby brand shampoo ( the one starting with a J ) and well,  little G is a baby no longer.  So what do you do ? do you carry on using baby shampoo or do you use adult shampoo ?
Well shampoo heads is the answer ! 
It comes in loads of different  Smells we were given the Busy Bob range which smells beautiful we were also given some hair gel which I had in fact been searching for a child friendlily styling product for G as his hair is a little long on top. 

The shampoo comes in a bottle with a pump which delivers just enough for a hair wash. This is so good as it gives George a bit of independents. As G has super thick hair, it takes us two pumps which is fine as we take it in turns. It has a no tears formula which actually works and its so easy to rinse off.

Even granddad Gordon noticed we had changed shampoo noticing the new smell :) 

The hair gel is just amazing it holds so well and again it has the most beautiful smell & with one brush its back to normal :)

We will definitely be buying more when it runs out. Shampooheads are available to buy exclusively at boots.
Please see the ShampooHeads  website for more information. 

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