Friday, 25 January 2013

What a week

What a week it's been - with all the snow and coldness today is the first time in 10 days ( yes ten days ) i've set foot out of the house.

Playgroup is back on and as predicted G hated every minuet of it - oh well we will be going again next week weather he likes it or not . With all of the new skills he's picked up since we last went there you would think he would want to show them off but NO. He crawled around just like he used to - oh well - maybe next time. 

But on the positives for the week, we have had three hospital appointments through the post - yay .
Physio for his hyper-mobile joints,
Eyes at the hospital ( cant spell that one lol )
And the appointment for his thyroid problem which is on christmas eve - think we will be changing that one.....

Very soon it's my baby boys 2nd birthday which in a way saddens me cus he wont be a baby any more :(  
But more about that in my next blog.


  1. You do right staying in when the weather is like it has been...Awful!
    Aww! As long as your boy is your youngest he will be your baby....My 5 year old is still my baby...That's how I look at it

  2. thanks i know - but its such a big change - he will be know as a toddler not as a baby :( We really are so blessed to have such a happy boy. I would love to have more but Dr's say no more with out putting myself at risk and now its not just me i look after it's G too.