Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cold feet ??

So Winter has definitely arrived this past few weeks with temps outside not reaching much above freezing. When its this cold we don't go out much the cold air knocks it out of my lungs and so we stay inside. I really feel the cold especially in my feet, something to do with my heart I guess.

I was asked to review Heat Holder socks and boy they didn't disappoint. I may never have to use H as my feet warmer again.

They really do do exactly what they say on the packet ! Not only do they hold in heat they don't make your feet sweat just keep you very tostie warm ( thats a stokieism as H would say )

They come in all sorts of funky colours - I have the Fuchsia/ raspberry strips and I love them.

 These are going to make wonderful stoking fillers - With an rrp  from £6 for the classic to £12 for the wellyboot ones. theses really do make the ideal Christmas gift.

I have two pairs to give away - 1 black pair and 1 pink ....

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  1. I think I like the fascia striped ones too x

  2. These would be bliss!!!!