Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas eve - the day i dread !

Christmas oh how I love Christmas its a time for family to gather , to eat and be merry. Which to be fair christmas day / boxing day / the week after generally are :)

But I now dreading with a passion the Christmas eve dash - the buying of the other half's cards cus he forgot, the running around ASDA trying to find cranberry sauce. Or doing a 50 mile round trip to deliver presents. 

I do try to plan ahead, I do ...... but then H always gets ill (man flu) 2 days before, it happens every year. lol 

 This year i have a plan - not to leave the house - but even the best laid plans go to pot. So I'm sure Christmas eve will be spent running around like a mad person. 

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  1. I'm planning on getting everything done by the 23rd....I have enough to do on Christmas eve in the house preparing the xmas dinner....But yes will probably have to do a last minute dash to the shops or for something I've forgotton....I do hope not though!

    Hope everyone stays well in the run up to Christmas....I think we have all had colds over christmas for about the last 5 This year we must be due a break!! lol