Friday, 20 July 2012

wedding wedding wedding !

So with only four months until our big day and all the little things are going wrong.....
yes the church and venue are all booked 

But its all the little things that are going wrong and instead of looking forward to our our big day I'm now dreading it :( we still haven't sent out invites and its not for trying - we have now tried two different people and are now at our wits end. At this rate we will be using vista print for our wedding invites - at least they will be cheap. But i don't want cheap i want stylish and elegant :( 

Then there is my shoes i made a bit of a woppsie and well got the wrong size and now they are out of stock so i've got to order a different style and i'm just hoping they are not to high as i cant walk in heals and my worst nightmare is falling down the aisle.  

 We are getting married in a church, its the church close to where i was brought up its were i was baptised and we also had our G baptised there to. G was baptised on 9.10.11 and we are getting married on 10.11.12.

We are trying to do a wedding on a budget  as i can't work its been hard saving for a wedding,  but there is so much to think about presents for bridesmaids best men and parents. The costs are mounting up.  

I would like a play corner for the children with a playduvet (which is amazing please look them up on Facebook and twitter)  and some nice new toys, As there will be about 10 under 8's going including G. But money is tight and it looks like its just not going to happen as every time i save up for special things it gets eaten up by something else wedding :(  

Then there is the cost of the flowers its shocking - We are trying to make cutbacks where we can with out missing out. I'm going to be doing our own table decorations. Will tell you my ideas for those soon. 

I will keep you all informed of our plans and disasters .  

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