Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Brave not me.

As an adult who has been in and out of hospital since I was a small child I'm often told how BRAVE I am, im never sure how to take it, I don't feel brave at all. In fact i would say its quite the opposite now as i'm terrified of needles.

As a child you were often rewarded with stickers or sweets to keep you well behaved. I can remember being wheeled down to theatre in floods of tears then freezing when i got to the big plastic swinging  doors and having to leave my mum and dad standing and watching their daughter have yet another operation.

I don't consider myself brave at all , my brother is brave for the job he has ( he's a police officer ) and people who fight in wars are brave but me ............... naaa 


  1. I think you will love blogging! I find it relaxing and a great way to capture memories and thoughts. Enjoy.

  2. Thanks Amy - I'm finding it fun ! I only wish I would have started 18 months ago.
    Do you have a blog ??