Thursday, 19 July 2012

Return my Ted Review

I'm sure we have all had that heart stopping moment when we have lost our little ones favourite toys and a little old lady has ran out with ted in arms and a big smile. What would happen if that didn't happen what would you do ??

Well this is monkey he doesn't mean much to G at the moment - it was given to G when he was born by a friend of mine who lives in Bedford. G has started taking monkey out- and I was getting worried until I found 'Return my Ted'.

'Return my ted' it a tag for your teddy / monkey / blankey. Its so easy to use 1st step is you Buy a tag - its only costs £12.99 which in my mind is a bargain for the peace of mind that it brings. You attach the tag to your toy which is so easy to do as it's elasticated. I made sure that H did it as sometimes i struggle with knots and fiddly things.

Once the tag is attached it can be washed at 40 degrees and the ink wont run and it won't fall apart. The only concern i had was the size but i guess it has to be big to be seen by passers by :)

2 nd step is to register you owners ID which is unique to your tag. This can be done by phone via a freephone number or online.

Then if you misplace loose your teddy in the park and someone finds it- they can go to the return my ted website type in the number on the tag enter their details- they get sent a free post bag so there is no cost to the finder- talk about a good idea. Then return my ted will match the number to your unique number and send it back to you. Amazing idea and you get a lot for your money as your childs toy is irreplaceable can you really place a price on finding it again ?  

you can find return my ted on facebook  and twitter ReturnMyTed
and their website

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