Friday, 6 July 2012

More about me

So this is me , at Caernarfon castle in may. I am able to walk all be it a bit slow ( even have oap's over taking me) but its not until you take a closer look or talk to me you would realise there was anything wrong with me. 

If I wasn't wearing my body warmer you would see the scars down my chest and neck(skin cancer)  - and i have even more scars that no one else can see.  Over the years I have learnt to show them off more. As a teenager I hated my scars and always wore jumpers or t shirts to cover them up. In my 20s my confidence grew and and I now wear what I like and if people stare - I'm not bothered if they want to ask they can.
They are not red and healed quite well I guess I've seen lots of nasty heart scars so i count my self quite lucky.

As I'm quite shy I don't talk to many people but that doesn't mean I am  rude I'm just shy and over the years I've become a good listener. But if I do talk to you well you might think (due to my stroke) that I had a few pints or I'm just stupid so I now have a fear of telephones -- well I'm far from it I have a very high IQ of 136.

I struggle with the little things like opening/closing  G's zips and opening a new milk bottle but over the years I have learnt to cope with the little things so sometimes G may not have the odd button done up its only  or it may take take me a while longer to make you a cuppa. But no one is perfect are they ???


  1. Certainly not, no-one is perfect, regardless, you are an inspirational lady. :)

  2. You would have to read your story to know anything was not totally normal. Then having read it you wonder how you manage every day life as a Mum. Go you!