Friday, 6 July 2012

Anniversary time !

So yesterday was three years since me and H met 5th july - and wow how my life has changed all for the better :)
Soon we are getting married,  just four months to go now and the panic and stress are stating to kick in but that's for another blog !

As it was a week night we did not go out , but I cooked H his favourite meal and he then washed up (which makes a change).We have plans for the weekend tho- we are leaving G with his Nannar and Granddads and we will have a whole day to ourselves. Our plan is to go Trentham Gardens which is in Stoke on Trent ,pizza hut for lunch and then the cinema.

Oh how I miss the cinema - we have not been since July 2010 when i was pregnant and I'm really looking forward to it. No idea what we are going to see.

I'm going to miss G so much but I'm also looking forward to spending time alone with H as we dont get to spend any time together with out G and he is now 17 months. We are even taking G on our honeymoon - not traditional we know but the thought of leaving him with family for a week or two makes  me feel quizzy.

Any way to my H who puts up with me and cant wait to be celebrating 30 40 50 years of marriage   xx

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