Friday, 13 July 2012

Our holiday in Cymru and wishbone bike

I love competitions and I'm always entering them in the hope that i will win, but, deep down my self confidence has been knocked over the years and all self belief has gone, so I was over the moon and jumping for joy when I won the most amazing prize. the competition was run by Babi Pur and Trawsfynydd Holiday Village,the two companies are  local to each other who partnered together for this amazing competition.

Babi pur is a company which is based is North Wales who sell ethically sourced and fair trade products, both of which are close to my heart.  Trawsfynedd log cabin holiday based in Trawsfynydd. prize was a weekend holiday in a log cabin and a Wishbone bike.

H was brought up in Anglsey so he knew the area quite well and I can remember many a happy holiday on the stunning north Wales coast with my mum, dad and siblings. 

The log cabin was booked from Friday night till Sunday morning , I decided to book a travelodge for 1 night so we could make the best of our time there and H took another day of work. We got a very good deal and only paid under £20 for a brand new Travelodge in Caernarvon next to the Victoria Dock. 

On the Thursday morning we set off to Wales, when we arrived at Llandudno  the sun was out, but I wasn't feeling to well and there was a cold wind. We had parked on the front which is full of beautiful old Victorian  hotels. We walked to the pier and then right to the end the pier which is a stunning bit of engineering. When we arrived at the end of the pier I was in need of a warm cuppa (panad! if you are local!), muffin and a comfy seat.  Luckily there was a cafe right at the end of the pier. Once we had all finished we had a wonder back into town. Llandudno town is stunning Victorian seaside resort with lots of independent shops and the usual stores.  For the historians and interested it was developed by the Madoc family who still influence the town and surrounding area.  We found a small cafe and had our lunch.  We then carried on walking a little further down the town and found a large retail park with all the main shops and some places to eat. H could not believe how much things had changed and yet it still felt the same. 

Then we went to Beaumaris on the Isle of Anglesey (Yr Mom Mam Cymru - The Mother of Wales according to H)  . Beaumaris is where H was brought up so lots of happy memories for him, he got to show me his old school and house, then we had a wonder down the pier which has just been rebuilt on the end.

Beaumaris is a well known historic town on the Menai Strait with its medieval castle dating back to the reign of Edward I and its Victorian pier, gaol & courthouse. There is a good selection of shops, restaurants and public houses in the town and all local amenities are within easy walking distance from the castle. We were hoping to see kate or wills  shopping oh well !!

Then it was time to go to Caernarvon , we found the Travelodge and settled in putting up the travel cot. Then it was finally time for our evening meal. We had a lovely jam packed day and I was so excited to be heading off to the log cabin !

The next morning was a bit of a blur as we were super tired but once we had breakfast it all went a little better. We headed of to Caernarvon castle witch is a beautiful fortress built by king Edward 1st . We had G in a backpack which H had on his back it was a little difficult to manoeuvre around the castle, it would have been even harder if we had took the buggy! 
We spent a good 2-3 hours wondering around and we then had food as G was getting niggerly and so was H he loves his food. 

We then went to Babipur to collect our wishbone bike - the bike is amazing. We had won the special edition Apple a day bike.  Even the box is stunning. When you open the box its amazingly decorated and the bike is all laid out. 

It was so easy to put together even G helped. It only took 10 mins and G was away. His feet only just touched the floor put he was off - the build quality of the bike is amazing and I'm sure it will last G until he is 5.

The best thing about this wooden  bike is that it starts out as a small trike ( three wheels ) then it turns in to a small bike then it flips over into a big bike talk about money savings.  Amazing. The RRP of this bike is £199 that was because it was a special edition, the normal wishbone bike was £179. As it lasts so long we thought it was well worth the money. We had started to save for one of these since G's first birthday so we relived when we won it and the money went to the wedding fund ! I would give the wishbone bike 5/5 

It was so nice to meet the BabiPur team , we had a cuppa or panad in the warehouse  which was amazing to see all the nappies and toys i loved the nappies. I spent more than i said i would H was not happy lol 

Then it was time to set of to Trawsfynydd holiday cabins. It was literally in the middle of nowhere ( maybe 15 mins from porthmadog)  but that's just what we needed the setting was out of this world.  We arrived just b4 the reception area shut .... talk about good timing phew.
Their was a small shop on site which was perfect for all the essentials bread milk pasta etc  
We were given the keys and a map with directions to our log cabin. When we arrived at the cabin we were amazed - there was what looked like a brand new kitchen and bathroom, the bedrooms ( all 3 of them) were nicely furnished and the lounge was very welcoming with a tv dvd player, two very big sofas. The towels and high chair we ordered were there waiting so that it saved us some room in the car couldn't ask for more. 

We soon settled in and G went to sleep almost instantly which was a huge relief as we were both so tired. The only down side to the bedroom was the light in the morning , they really need to put in black out on the curtains.

On Saturday we went to Borth-y-Gest in the morning we had a wonder down the coastal path but we didn't get very far as we took the pushchair and we encountered some steps so we turned back and headed for a small cafe got warm and had a cuppa. 

We  then got back in the car  and headed for pwllheli, this place holds happy memories for me , as i used to come here as a child. We used to stay in the butlins resort which is now a haven resort. We went into town which was a little bit run down so sad to see it full of charity shops. We then took a short drive down to the marina and we we had a little wonder down to the seafront, with G in the backpack my ankles were all over the shop :( we soon headed back to the car and an hour drive and we were back in the warmth of the log cabin for our tea. 

The weather had not been kind to us the whole weekend :( but the sunday blew us away with wall to wall sunshine ! So we heading to the coast this time we went to Barnmouth. When we arrived it was 18c . Barnmouth 

looked like the med with the palm trees and sunshine :) We had a picnic for lunch on the beach but i don't think G enjoyed the sand too much. 

It was really sad to leave we both were not looking forward to returning home. We had such a nice time and the log cabin was so welcoming.  


  1. Oh wow what an amazing double win. I think you all needed that time out, it couldn't have happened to a nicer family. I love that bike it looks perfect for tots learning to ride. Thank you for linking your lovely holiday down memory lane to Country Kids.

  2. It really was amazing ! The log cabins were very well kept just a shame about the sunlight in the mornings lol

    the bike is stunning. It saved us a fortune and it will be loved and cherished for years to come :)

  3. This sounds amazing!! Just saw your post on facebook now as I've just entered it for this year :)