Monday, 2 July 2012

Real nappies

In our house we love real nappies or cloth nappies.

We love the fact that we are not contributing to landfill and we are not putting any chemicals on G's bum. As you can see real nappies are far from the boring white of disposables This is just a small collection from our stash in fact these are the ones we bought in this years real nappy week or RNW. The tag line for the week was real nappies are real easy. 

H loves the money savings as i'm sure you know if you have a baby nappies can take up a huge chunk of your weekly shop. We still use disposables at night which means we can buy 2 big boxes for £20 and it can last us about 4 months ! We are going to use real at night time soon it's just that G is a supper Olympic wee-er at night.

As i'm a stay at home mummy it is easy for me to do , but we do 2 extra loads of washing a week which we do in the evening when G is in bed and then it just takes 5 mins to peg them out they will dry in a few hours if the sun is out then just 5 mins to fold/ stuff them . 

We also use cheeky wipes but that's for another blog !      

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  1. We use Cloth too. Originally used Disposies but gave J a terrible rash. Never looked back since I love our range of colourfulness. :) x
    We also have some nappies the same as you. :)