Friday, 27 September 2013

We got keys !

So at last I can share some good news - we have had the house keys to our new home.

It was such a nerve wrecking day waiting for the keys.

Then a phone call , so we dashed into town to the park. The park is close to the estate agents. It felt like an eternity so we went to a local cafĂ©, and wait

Then another phone call to say we could collet the keys. As soon as we got the keys a huge rush of emotion ran through me - we had just brought a house  Home our happy ever after home and I just burst in to tears as we walked out the door

 I cant wait to get moving , but that will have to wait another week - first we have to do a spot of decorating G's room is BRIGH pink.
we have no idea what theme we are going for but I have a few ideas and cant wait to get started.


  1. Oh I am so thrilled for you. That being in limbo really does feel an eternity doesn't it?!