Friday, 27 September 2013

Britmums meet up in manchester

A few weeks ago  It was Manchester's turn to host the britmums meet up and it was so nice to meet up with Suzanne and Jen from britmums.

I travelled up with AKA Ruth Who I discovered lives about 4 miles from our new home - we met up at waitrose and we were off and we arrived in good time.

Social occasions are hard for me as I'm just confident in speaking - im even worse when its a big crowd of people and when its people I don't know I jus panic and go silent as im very shy and quite I find it hard to be heard in a conversation.

This has been made worse over the past 3 years been a stay at home mum is quite isolating , the fact that i only talk to 1 other adult for days on end I'm sure hasn't helped.

But I think (hope ) I'm getting more confident the more blogging events I go to. So by the time G goes to school I should be the confident chatty mum who every one will like.

Anyways this weeks britmums meet up was at the wonderful Kellogg building in Manchester - now I had no idea that Kellogg was based in Manchester but there you go - you learn something new everyday :)

When you walk in the reception area you are greeted with Tony tiger :) , and the building is stunning inside.

We were treated to tea and some Kellogg's snacks which were lovely and  then we just had a lovely chat with each other. We were given a goody bag full of special K porridge. Which I have found to be lovely. I'm not a fan of the plain oat but H is and so I'm left with the Yummy red berry and apricot and honey which are both as nice as each other.

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  1. I love BritMums meet ups as they are not too overwhelming. Mine was my first blogging meet up and I can remember being petrified.