Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Oven pride event :

I was invited to a cooking event by Ovenpride at the The Cheshire Cookery School and well I cant cook to save my life. I burn oven pizzas , I undercook fish and chips.
Cooking is such an important skill that has just passed me by and well its just not fair on G . I want him to be proud of his mum ( me) and the meals I cook. 

We have just moved house and now have a big new kitchen well I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to learn some skills.

The master class was taught by Kurt Thomas who has had 35 years experience in the cooking industry so if he could not teach me how to cook - there really was no hope for me. 
first we were shown the amazing power of oven pride - which reminds me we need to clean the oven in our old house !
  I was amazed how easy it was to use :)

The meal we were given as our task - should we chose to accept ( think mission impossible ) was Kurt's chicken and Tuscan bean stew ( with chorizo ) and a quick sour dough bread.
We arrived promptly at 6.30 had a quick cuppa and a chat from Kurt who explained the meal would be easy to make and prepare - this helped to put my mind at rest - just a little.

He then gave a demonstration on how to make the soda bread which we all had a taste of and it was amazing not what I expected


Kurt then started on the Tuscan bean strew and then I started to panic big time - we had to chop onion - now having had two strokes my co-ordination isn't the best and I usually end up with plasters all over my fingers so I was really worried.

this was his finished dishes
Then it was our turn and every one else worked in pairs and just like high school I was all on my own - I looked around for my other mummy blogger friends but they had all paired up .
So I had twice the work and so this was going  to be more fun than I thought :(
 We were given a recipe card to follow to make it a bit easier.
I was that busy baking bread, preparing veg I forgot to take photos of me pounding my dough lol
so i took a photo of the bread in the oven.
 This is my finished soda bread and it was really yummy.
So the peeling and chopping began and well i still have both hands and all my fingers and still attached and not one cut in site - that's a good sign :)

don't know if you can see from my photos but we used one of these new fangled induction hob which was very space age :)
 Hear it is my finished dish :)
I was so proud of my dish especially as i had cooked it all by my self.
 Hear are some of the other bloggers enjoying there meals.
All that was left to do was the washing up, which the lovely people at the cookery school did for us.
We were provided with a goody bag for attending this event my review of the items will be coming to my blog soon.

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