Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Linen loft

what is linen loft I hear you cry !
think luxurious bedding and towels think  boutique think high end products at affordable prices.

linen loft is a small company which do in home parities  parties and online - for the parties think Tupperware and Ann Summers Jamie at home and you will get the idea . they also sell online at   and now sold in a delightful small shop just outside Knutsford Cheshire. Which is just 10 miles down the road from our new home so me and G were delighted to be asked to attend the store opening a few weeks ago.

When we arrived it was not what I expected at all
but when I walked in I was amazed

As we have just moved house I really enjoyed looking at every thing they had to offer. New bedding towels. We have just gone up to a king size bed and I loved this grey colour and it would work so well in our bedroom. If I had an unlimited budged I would have gone nuts and brought out the whole shop.

Not only do they do amazing bed linen they also have fantastic lounge ideas.

The quality is high but with prices which are more affordable than similar high street shops. Joanne Napier who founded the company explained that she tries to find smaller local or family suppliers to give her products that something special.

One of Joanne's new lines includes a stunning children's range which I think G approved of. Lots of gingham strips with beautiful throws

I could have spent a fortune in hear but with paying two mortgages I don't think H would have been best pleased so I got 2 items

A beautiful owl door stop and a Christmas tree candle holder both can be found at

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