Tuesday, 28 May 2013

saying goodbye to grandad

Just over two weeks ago G lost his his granddad - H's dad .
It was very sudden and unexpected and poor H is in bits - keeps breaking down in tears at random things and his mood swings and unpredictable.

H's dad was a heavy smoker and so we never really liked him been close to G, which now I really regret.

This is the first time I've had to face death and none of my family/friends have ever passed away. My grandparents died when I was to young to remember and my parents have always sheltered me from death, so its all been a bit traumatic.  have died Its hard to put in to words how we are all feeling at the moment we are both just grateful in a way that G doesn't have a clue what's going on and laughed and giggled almost all through the funeral.

We have tried to keep busy - we went to the baby show and a plum outdoor products event last week , which I think helped to take H's mind off things.

It's back to work this week for H and its trying to get back to a normal routine for me and G after the crazy few weeks we have had.

I really hope the rest of the year goes better than the first 6 months.  I thought the first year of marriage was supposed to be the happiest.

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  1. It must be very hard to explain toa little one that someone has gone, I haven't had to yet, thank God. I suppose as you said your little one is too young to know at the moment but it will be if/ when he asks about his G'dad. Hope you & hubby are doing okay x