Monday, 13 May 2013

30 years ago my life was so simple

30 years ago my life was so simple but I guess I was only 3, but my life was normal - my dad had a good job working for the council , laying flags on pavements. My mum was a stay at home mum who looked after me and my brother and sister.


This is me when I was 3 at playgroup

This is my G age 2 and half ish - H thinks we look alike what do you think ???

This is me with my brother and sister, and me out side our front window with my Favourite  bear which my aunty had made for me - my aunty had just moved to Africa as my uncle works as a Methodist minister. I really missed having my cousins around me growing up #(unforeseen circumstances means I was not able to get hold of these photos - will add at a later date. )

Technology :

In 1983 Steve Jobs gave a speech on changing technology "Jobs dives into several topics in the Q&A session, detailing how computers will become integral parts of everyday life while reshaping the way people communicate. The late Apple CEO also predicted that networking in the home would be solved in around 10 years, while also hinting at an Apple strategy to "put an incredibly great computer in a book that you can carry around with you" that would feature a "radio link," a reference to what would later materialize as the iPad. Jobs goes on to explore other avenues of computing which can be heard in the full 54 minute recording ailable on Soundcloud."
And BOY was he right. its amazing to think how right he was with IPads IPhones. But how was he to know about the internet which was invented 10ish years later - in 1991. mind boggerling stuff ay.....
 vhs and betermax had only just came out and we all know who won that battle lol my mum still has her VHS recorder and is refusing to give it up. ..... my mum is most defiantly stuck in 1983, and at times I still get treated like a 3 year old lol
MY Life :
I spent all of the 80's running around like a normal ish child, running playing with friends but i did miss a lot of schooling due to my health, every Tuesday morning i went for blood tests (age 5 -10 ) as i was on wafrin ( a blood thinner ) i had hopes and dreams just like any other child. My life was turned upside down back to front when at ten i had my stoke (1989)

the 90'S were spent being bullied at school , i had a few good friends and managed to survive with out topping myself the bullying got quite bad at one stage......

The 00's were spent in rubbish jobs and I was lucky to get a scouting trip to America in 2002
This is me and my family now , me my hubby and my beautiful son G on our wedding day last year. My life has had its ups and downs 1st heart op in 1985. loads of other heart operations the two strokes and two lots of skin cancer. 

Ive managed to turn out an ok person - i think lol

Any way that's enough about me

that this is an entry for the BritMums/Special K “How I’ve changed Linky challenge” and link to 
this was special k 30 years ago. 
And it really has changed for the better not just the cheesy adverts that have gone. Its now made with 3 types of grains which taste so much better - I'm going to be doing the special k challenge this next 6 weeks to get into my britmums live 13 outfit ! It tastes so much better. I now look forward to breakfast and lunch.  Even G enjoys a few flakes at breakfast time :)



  1. Wow! What an inspirational story.
    Commenting on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

    1. thanks kate - yep ive led a very interesting life !

  2. Loved reading this :) So sorry too hear about the bullying - i know how you felt there.
    And your son looks spitting image of you :-) :-)