Wednesday, 12 September 2012

tired of been tired

So these past few weeks i've been finding things getting harder and harder - i've been getting out of breath really quickly even changing G's bum & walking up the stairs.

Deep down i know i should call Birmingham QE and go for a check up. But truth be told i'm bricking it -so close to the wedding. i don't want to risk having to postpone the wedding.

I'm a little worried it might even be endocarditis again :( that i really couldn't handle - been stuck in hospital for 6 weeks been pumped full of drugs that make me feel yuk - even the thought of that depresses me :(

On the plus side we went the hospital with G on Monday and his thyroid problem is still there, which may be causing a muscle enzyme problem which may be causing the non walking. Mummy always knows when something is wrong. :)  And he's still not walking .........


  1. Oh no, all sounds worrying for you so close to your wedding. Hope it is nothing and your breathing eases, I get a little wheezy this time of year and blame the pollen.